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Chasing the Northern Lights in Finland

20. April 2021, 26 min reading time

Placed comfortably within the Arctic Circle, offering illuminating landscapes and crystal-clear night skies, Finland provides the most unique and effortless opportunities to sit up close and personal to the Northern Lights.

Internationally known for being the most popular place for crossing the Arctic Circle, the Finnish Lapland, in all its glory, is a must-see destination for all traveller types!

One thing we are sure of, you are guaranteed to feel blown away from start to finish on your journey to witness the Northern Lights in Finland.


Finland's Prime position

Located within the Aurora Zone, Finland is at a locational advantage to offer travellers a variety of ways to get here and to witness the Northern Lights.

Whether you choose to embark on a railroad journey, fly over the landscapes, drive across the border or simply hike to your destination, Finland is within easy reach.

At Booknoridcs.com, we offer all services to help you plan your trip. Get ahead with our flight booking options, our rent a car services, our door to airport pick-up services and our endless list of impressive tours.

We are here for you 24/7 to offer assistance and ensure you have the Finnish trip of a lifetime.


The Northern Lights and the Finnish Beliefs



Reindeer sleighs are crossing the Arctic Circle under Northern Lights

One of Booknordics.com's personal and best-loved myths comes from Finland. 

Did you know that the Finnish word for the Northern Lights is ‘revontulet’ and this translates as ‘firefox’?

Ancient folklore suggests that the natives believed the Northern Lights were caused directly by the ‘firefox’ who ran so quickly across the snow that his tail caused sparks to fly into the night sky, thus creating the Aurora Borealis. 

Another belief held by the Sámi people of the Finnish Lapland was that the lights were created from the spume of water ejected from the whales offshore.

What we love about these myths is that they derive from native animals living on the Finnish land which creates beauty and love between man and animal.

Just what Finland is all about.


Aurora Forecasts

The Northern Lights are somewhat unpredictable and can appear at any minute. However, science and mathematics can, to a degree, predict when Lady Aurora is due visibility.

The Finns have built their National Research Center of Northern Lights in Sodankylä, in the Finnish Lapland, and use this to foretell travellers when it is best to head out into the wilderness.

We assure you, the local tour operators are experts in this field and use the forecasted information credibly to take you to the most optimal places to witness the greatest overhead phenomenon.


When to See Northern Lights

lakeside_view_to_aurorasA fine look-out to the beautiful Lady Aurora

Finland is blessed with almost 9 months of inspiring shows of Aurora Borealis. From as early as August and on through until April - the Northern Lights have been known to make an appearance.

Situated delicately within the Auroral Zone, the Finnish Lapland, from the great city of Rovaniemi and heading north to Kilpisjärvi, is the prime destination for a glorious activity accompanied by the glow of the Northern Lights.

With continuous tinted daytime and longer nighttime during the Finnish winter, November through March offers sensational opportunities for a jaw-dropping viewing of the Northern Lights.


Holiday Tours in Winter

We are delighted to share with you some of the most spectacular holiday tours on offer in Finland, to enlighten your Finnish adventure.

1. Aurora Snowshoeing



Hear the snow crunch beneath your snowshoes

Visiting otherworldly scenery that would otherwise be left unseen, snowshoes are designed to help you access breathtaking landscapes others cannot reach.

Enjoy an aurora snowshoe adventure, deep within the Lappish forests and hear only the crunch of the snow beneath you. Or, the crunch of your bite as you indulge in locally made gingerbread cookies and deliciously warm juice.

Imagine you and your companions, trekking through the fresh snow in search of the Northern Lights, while you marvel at how far you have come off the beaten track.

It can certainly be crossed off your bucket list here in Finland.

Aurora Snowshoeing in the Deep Forest


2. Private Northern Lights Tours



Witness the magic in the Nordic countries

Enjoy complete intimacy with your loved one while hunting the glittering Aurora Borealis on your very own personalised and private tour in the glorious Finnish Lapland.

Would you like to be presented with the facts, the myths and the ancient history of the glowing skies? Would you like to venture out into the vast wilderness to witness the flare? On this fantastic tour, you make all the choices to tailor suit your needs.

Booknordics.com have teamed together with the best tour operators in Finland to deliver a unique experience. Sit back and witness the magic happen while your Northern Lights expert guide creates and seizes the ideal moment to take incredible pictures.

By the end of the tour, we are sure that you will feel soothed and mesmerized by the performance and own the perfect portable image to carry with you forever - a long-lasting memory of an unforgettable evening.

Private Northern Lights Tour


3. Snowmobile Adventure



Adventurous snowmobile adventures to search for Lady Aurora

Designed to deliver pleasure through speed and beauty while allowing you the chance to relish in the light from the Northern skies, snowmobiles have been a popular favourite amongst travellers seeking an action-packed adventure.

If you are restless for a tingle, imagine the exhilaration whilst whizzing through the snow, driving your snowmobile away from the illuminating lights of the city. 

Finland has many great opportunities to join a well-educated guide on this adrenaline-kick, speed spree, as the Northern Lights present the way forward.  

Enjoy a Lappish BBQ of grilled sausages to keep up your energy in the arctic weather conditions, along with the chance to make new friends as you sit around a campfire learning local, legendary tales of the magical Northern Lights.

Northern Lights Snowmobile Hunt


4. Dog Sledding with Huskies


Discover the gifts of the Nordics with huskies

The gateway to the Arctic, otherwise known as Rovaniemi, is not only home to the one-and-only Santa Claus, but the homeland for many bold and beautiful huskies.

Waiting eagerly to spritz you across open lakes and through frosted forests, our loving, energetic friends show you the anticipation dance across their eyes as you get ready for this spectacular tour of a lifetime.

Lean back and take it easy, listen to the sleds cut across the crisp snow, feel the frosty air on your nose and hear the patter of the huskies feet as the Northern Lights illuminate the pathway in front.

Be sure to savour every moment of the traditional Lappish sausages served around a cosy campfire, while you share stories with the locals helping you catch a glimpse of the moving sky. 

Most importantly, hold on to the memories you have with these precious animals, all unique in their individual way. This one is definitely for the children. And, the child in you!

Hunting Northern Lights with Husky


4+1 Tip: Stay at the Arctic Snow Hotel 


A romantic getaway and the most unique experience for a lifetime!

This is one of our all-time favourite Arctic stays and we cannot wait to share it with you!

Did you know that the Arctic Snow hotel is made completely out of snow? Did you also know that it is rebuilt every year? 

Impressive isn't it?!

Inside this spectacular hotel, you can find hotel rooms, an ice bar, an ice chapel and an ice restaurant – all made of snow and ice.

Can you think of a better way to experience the natural phenomenon of the mythical Northern Lights other than joining it with a magical stay at the Arctic snow hotel? Neither can we and that’s why we are delighted to share this with you.

Ideal for absolutely anyone who wants to try something otherworldly and entirely fabulous.

Arctic Snowhotel and Glass Igloss


Seasonal Holiday Tours during Autumn


Gorgeous colours of the autumn season in Lapland

When the darker nights approach and we enter the autumn season in Finland, you are given one of the first opportunities to glimpse a sight of the Green Lady.

From late August, specifically more so during the autumnal equinox in September, it may be possible to see the Northern Lights on a dark night in northern Finland.

5. Quad Bike Tour 

Scanning for the Northern Lights onboard a thrilling quad bike tour will have you chasing the explosion of green butterflies across the night sky while being warmed with joy from the inside. 

Overwhelmed with excitement, you will drive through arctic forest landscapes to one of Lapland's best viewpoints of the luxury Aurora Borealis performance. 

Munch gingerbread cookies and warm beverages before your adventure back through the charming Finnish landscapes with your adrenaline-filled friends.

Accompanied by our trusty tour operators to help enlighten you with local knowledge and ensure your ride is as comfortable as possible - you will be amazed how fast you can drive through the arctic forest when Lady Aurora grants you beaming lights.

Get your camera ready!

Delightful Quad Bike Ride


6. Ice Floating in Lapland


Be extraordinary and enjoy the Lappish culture as a local

Opting for a little relaxation beneath the stars and combined with the thrill of arctic relaxation, those wishing to try something a little extraordinary can marvel at the thought of immersing into a frozen lake. 

Otherwise known as ice floating, you are protected in a high-quality, snug-fitted rescue suit, specifically designed for shivery temperatures.

You can lay back, close your eyes and listen to your heartbeat thumping peacefully under the icy waters of the arctic, while you witness the electrifying display of the Northern Lights swirling in the distance.

Sounds a little chilly and we love it!

Northern Lights Ice Floating


7. Autumn Picnic


Leave your phone at home and enjoy the Auroral Zone

Have you ever dreamed of having a picnic outside in the autumn-frosted wilderness while bathed under the vibrant colours of the Northern Lights? Well look no further, this family-friend tour is designed spectacularly for you!

That’s right! With a fantastic location with the Auroral Zone, you can venture out into the untouched nature and pristine wilderness to indulge in local pastries, tasty Finnish hot dogs and sip on warm juice while you listen to stories and folklore about the wonderful Northern Lights. 

When Lady Aurora comes out to play, your hearts will be full and so will your tummies.

Aurora Borealis Autumn Picnic


7+1 Tip: A Weekend Getaway to Lake Pyhäjärvi


Warm tea, coffee and delicious beverages served by an open campfire

Are you wanting an adventure that works up a little sweat along the way? Then a hike to the beautiful frozen lake Pyhäjärvi, to enjoy the nighttime bliss of Aurora Borealis is ideal for you!

The local expert guide will tell you the stories about the mystical Northern Lights while you cosy up by the open lit fire in a traditional wooden hut. 

As a bonus, you will also get to meet the friendly animals of the Lucky ranch, whilst enjoying local warm tea, coffee and delicious snacks.

Be sure to take in the fabulous surrounding views of the unspoiled Lappish wilderness as the Northern Lights reflect in the frosty lake.

Aurora Borealis Adventure


Seasonal Holiday Tours in Spring


Spring season in Lapland consist of three months: March, April and May

Spring appears dramatically in Finland, offering glimpses of green and blooming flowers to the land. Although the sighting of snow may still be visible. 

April through May grants slightly warmer temperatures, and if you’re willing to stay up late, the final sightings of the Northern Lights.

8. Lakeside Finnish Sauna and a Delicious BBQ


The magical wilderness of Lapland offers perfect views

We recommend this to those who like a side of added warmth to their main course of cold!

Out in the wilderness, a preheated Lakeside Sauna awaits your arrival, ready to enfold you in a warm embrace before you brave the arctic temperatures of the clear lake, to finish the experience the Finnish way. 

Surrounded by high, snow sprinkled mountains, you will have the chance to roast local sausages on the open fire while drinking blueberry tea. 

Relax in the serenity around a frozen lake, as you gaze peacefully at the night sky, in the hope that Aurora Borealis will notice and wave down to you from above. 

A perfect evening treat if you’re longing for a little closeness with your loved one.

Lakeside Sauna Experience


9. Enjoy a Fairytale Weekend in Lapland


Do not forget to bring your loved ones too!

The ultimate Northern Lights holiday package is right here, designed specifically to blow your mind and includes some of the most remarkable activities. 

Enjoy two magnificent Northern Lights wilderness tours, a thrilling snowshoeing adventure and a ski trekking exploration under the dazzling Northern Lights. 

Treasure a relaxing ice-fishing tour, an authentic reindeer farm visit with a 400 m sleigh ride, a wonderful husky farm visit with a 10 km husky safari and an energetic trip to Ranua Wildlife Park. 

Take part in a wilderness survival tour, a speedy snowmobile safari, a hiking tour to Korouoma Canyon Frozen Waterfalls, and more. You are gifted with impressive activities, luscious landscapes, delicious Finnish food and a guaranteed outstanding time. 

Available to all the family and promises numerous ticks off the Finnish bucket list. What more could you wish for on your adventurous Lapland holiday?

Fairytale Week in Lapland


10. Traditional Lappish BBQ


Rise and fish pies, reindeer meet and cinnamon buns are just to name a few!

Dining outside with Aurora Borealis may be the number one date that you have been waiting for. 

During the late evening, prepare to be whisked away into the middle of the luscious, snow-coated landscape and taste traditional food under the star struck-sky while Aurora imitates her tune above.  

Tasting the local food is a must when visiting foreign lands. Enjoy a Lappish BBQ consisting of grilled sausages, flavoursome Arctic fish soup and a Finnish favourite - their local blueberry tea.

What better way to learn the ins and outs of local Finnish folklore than to taste their very own Finnish delights cooked especially for you? A favourite for the lovestruck couples on their vacation in Finland.

Lappish Barbecue


Unlimited Nordic Holiday Options

Finland has unlimited magical wonders waiting to be explored and we are extremely excited to have shared these with you.

Why don’t you let us inspire you continuously?!

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We look forward to helping you soon!

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