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Covid-19 Travel Information in the Nordic Countries

23. March 2021, 7 min reading time

Last updated 15.03.2021 - 15:58 PM CEST

Covid-19 in the Nordics and what this means for you

The Coronavirus pandemic has been an ever-changing situation worldwide, which has disrupted many travel arrangements over the last two years.

With the European Commission producing regulations and policies for travel during the pandemic, here at Booknordics.com, we aim to provide you with the relevant government websites and the most up to date information and knowledge regarding the current situation.

Our aim is to help you to plan, prepare and execute the perfect Nordic adventure. Due to the nature of the pandemic, when you are booking one of our unique adventures, be sure to take note of cancellation policies to prepare for last-minute, unforeseen changes.


International Travel Advice and Entry Regulations in the Nordics


The Nordic regions follow varied Covid-19 restrictions

As information and regulations are being reviewed continuously, we have compiled the most essential and governmental links that provide news about each Nordic country. We advise you to check the external links we provide for more in-depth information regarding the rules, exemptions, and possible age requirements for each destination.

Please note: UK citizens are no longer classed as EEA/EFTA Citizens starting January 1st 2021. The UK will follow the same restrictions as non-EU countries unless otherwise specified.

Covid-19 vaccination passport details

An EU-wide Covid-19 Vaccination Passport that contains information on vaccinations, negative test results, and/or a person's recovery status is now live. The scheme will be running until June 31st 2022 initially.

Please note that there may be a certain amount of time required between doses and presenting the certificate. We recommend you fully research when the certificate will be accepted in each Nordic destination.

Adjustments on the validity of EUs COVID-19 certificate

Please note, from February 1st 2022 and according to the new EU rules, anyone who is fully vaccinated must take a booster dose of the vaccine when 270 days/9 months have passed since the last dose was taken. This will ensure that people will have a valid COVID-19 certificate for travel purposes.

Guide to travel safe in 2022

For more information about how to stay safe during your travels in the Nordics. Visit our Guide to safe travel in the Nordics.


See your Nordic destination for the latest Covid-19 information

Norway's official information: Helsenorge

Iceland's official information: Covid.is

Finland's official information: Valtioneuvosto.fi

Sweden's official information: Polisen.se

Denmark's official information: Coronasmitte.dk

Greenland's official information: Corona.nun.gl

Faroe Island's official information: Korona.fo


Extra Covid-19 information for your benefit

For more information click on the following links:

Re-open the EU website for a full list of all European countries and their Covid-19 status.

World Health Organization (WHO) for worldwide news, advice and updates.

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) for specific news and updates regarding Covid-19 in the EU.


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