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Experience a Trip to The Arctic Region this Winter

30. November 2021, 20 min reading time

This winter, we recommend planning your trip to the Arctic Region. A distinct area with breathtaking landscapes filled with legendary landmarks and an incredible amount of activities.

The Arctic Region, otherwise known as Lapland, is lined with gigantic fjords, Arctic waters, energetic wildlife, endless forests, friendly mountains, and world-class adventures to admire it all. It is simply stunning in every way.

Let us introduce you to some of the most amazing places to stay, local delicacies to eat, and how to plan the best adventure so as not to miss a thing on your trip to the Arctic Region.

Do you have your pen and paper ready? You’ll be blown away by our choice of activities.


Authentic Arctic Holidays with Booknordics.com


Book your Arctic adventure with Booknordics.com

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Furthermore, we are in continuous contact with our partners to ensure that our customers are given the very best and embark on the journey of a lifetime.

We have some of the most incredible landscapes and the most breathtaking natural phenomena in the whole world. We are proud of our immensely unique region and we cannot wait to share it all with you. See our Vacation in the Arctic Region blog for more inspiration this winter.


Arctic Climate


Visit during the winter and benefit from the Arctic surroundings

At Booknordics.com, we believe the best time to visit the ever-changing fierce landscapes whilst on a scenic road trip is during the winter.

An extended season starting from October until the following March sees the frosted archways of majestic fjords, glaciers that stand tall in the distance, and tundra covered in blankets of snow until they sprinkle their magic on the ground below. With temperatures averaging -10 °C, there is a significant difference in the adventures you can embark on and that's what we love most.

The Northern Lights can be seen from the very best destinations in the Arctic Region. Flashes of green, pink, blue, and red can dazzle any outdoor lover’s adventures, any romantics’ getaway weekend, and are the perfect touch to a special honeymoon vacation. Tell us, can you think of anywhere else this spectacular?

If you want to know more about the scenic destinations, see The Best Places to Travel within the Arctic Region.


An Arctic Trip to Tromsø, Northern Norway


Make friends with our adorable reindeer

Add a Little Romance to Tromsø

Have you ever wanted to stay inside a hotel made of ice? Well, now is your chance at the fabulous Ice Domes in Tromsø. Set among the high mountains in the beautiful Tamok Valley, Tromsø Ice Domes are built every year as the Polar Night approaches.

Including an ice bar, iced rooms, and an ice restaurant, each with different themes that replicate the spectacular Northern Lights and the warming Sami culture, this amazing masterpiece is not to be missed.

Not only is this a romantic escape for loved-up couples but it is also an educational experience. Your guide will share their expertise about the interesting construction process of the ice hotel and the impact the snow has had on the survival of the Arctic animals.

Speaking of the Arctic animals, witness one of the Arctic originals and meet the friendly Reindeer that call these magnificent domes their home. If you wish to taste the culinary art from the region, this option is available with lunch included. Are your tastebuds ready?Tromsø Ice Domes Guided Tour and Reindeer

Meet the Sami and Enjoy the Local Cuisine

You are in for a Sami and reindeer treat in Tromsø! How does it sound to walk among 300 reindeer before enjoying a relaxing 25-minute sleigh ride in the Arctic region they call their home? 

Sounds rather magical, doesn't it? And, it does not stop there. Be wine and dined by candlelight in a traditional Sami hut called a Gamme and enjoy a delicious home-cooked three-course meal sampling some of the best authentic foods from the Sami culture.

Later in the evening, embed yourselves in the joyful sounds of joiking (songs), listen to rich Sami history, and note stories from your local guides under the Northern Lights. You will leave more knowledgeable than when you came. A great night out for all.Nighttime Reindeer Sledding with Dinner and Northern Lights

Have Endless Fun Outdoors


Did you know that Husky dogs all have an important role to play?

Dog sledding is a traditional mode of transportation in the Arctic Region. For many years, the tradition has been kept alive and still to this day, the Alaskan huskies are a symbol of transport as well as love, companionship and loyalty.

This fantastic dog sledding adventure is perfect for all the family. With a dedicated musher, your very own sled, and a family of friendly Alaskan huskies, it is certain to delight.

Departing from their kennels, you’ll slide along the snow-covered valley of Tamokdalen, between thundering trees, over rolling hills, and far into the frosted blanket wilderness of the Arctic. How does that sound?

We love this tour because not only will you have the opportunity to venture into the unknown with one of Scandinavia’s favourite animals, you will also visit the famous Ice Domes and its loveable reindeer.Dogsledding, Ice Domes Guided Tour and Reindeer Visit

Witness the Magic of The Northern Lights from the Ocean


See the dazzling lights from the ocean for a unique viewing

Are you one with a love for the ocean? In our opinion, there is no better way than to witness the Northern Lights in all her glory.

This fantastic trip starts from Tromsø’s floating Jetty just minutes from the main street and is accessible to all. Waiting for you here, the Luxury Yacht Arctic Queen will be ready to take you on an ocean quest, hunting for the Green Lady herself.

While sailing and hunting for the exclusive Aurora Borealis out on the open ocean, you can choose to stand outside on the deck or inside the warm saloon looking at Tromsø Island from a different perspective. 

We promise you will not be disappointed with the fabulous sea view sprinkled with the magic of the Northern Lights, frequently seen from this true Arctic gem.Northern Lights Cruise - Luxury Yacht Arctic Queen


An Arctic Trip to Kiruna, Swedish Lapland


Enjoy a wintery experience in Kiruna

Log Cabin Escapes in Kiruna

A stay in Abisko is a stay in Arctic paradise. We are pleased to offer you the chance to sleep in natural landscapes and the chance to witness the exclusive Northern Lights in one of the best places on earth.

200km above the Polar Circle, in the northern part of Swedish Lapland, your dreams come true at STF Mountain Station. 

Take the chair lift on fjäll Nuolja up to Aurora Sky Station for the most incredible views of the colourful nighttime sky, embark on the King’s Trail or venture on one of the several marked trails suitable for energetic day hikes in the vicinity, and taste the delicious local cuisine at their onsite restaurant.

If you’re looking for a weekend of romance and adventure, you can find it right here.Abisko STF Mountain Station

Chase the Northern Lights in the Wilderness


Are you ready for the Northern Lights adventure of a lifetime?

Prepare your camera for the longest Northern Lights tour in the very heart of Swedish Lapland. Witness spectacular shapes form across the sky in various shades of electrifying colours from what is known as one of the best places on earth to see Aurora Borealis.

This outstanding tour will take you into Kiruna’s arctic forest or even to the beautiful coast of Norway to get the best views of the natural phenomena in her prime. Not forgetting a delicious BBQ served with your local guide to accompany the stories told about the natural phenomenon and the ancient Viking era.The Longest Northern Lights Tour Kiruna


An Arctic Trip to Kirkenes, Northern Norway


Kirkenes shines brightly underneath the glow of Aurora Borealis

Romantic Escapes in Kirkenes

Enjoy a real-life winter wonderland in a building built purely out of snow and ice. A sculptured work of art that represents the true natural elements and talents of Scandinavia.

What we love best is that you can choose to stay here anytime during the year! That’s right, the snow and ice hotel is open during the warmer days as well as through the Arctic winter.

Choose to stay on a bed of ice at -4 degrees or outside in a wilderness cabin replicated from the original ‘Gamme’ tents of the Sami culture. Or, sample both. There is also a wide range of activities that can be enjoyed from here. You will be spoilt for choice.Snowhotel Kirkenes 365

Explore by Snowmobile from Snowhotel Kirkenes

Make your stay in the Snowhotel Kirkenes an adventure to remember. Three of our favourite wintertime tours departing from the hotel itself are sure to enhance your Arctic Region experience to the fullest.


Explore the tundra and fabulous views on your snowmobile excursion

Prepare for a remarkably surreal experience. Your dedicated guide will take you through a magical landscape within the Arctic Circle. Enjoy the surrounding wilderness together with your loved ones before returning from what can only be described as a great adrenaline-fuelled experience in the Arctic.Snowmobile Tour 2h

Snowshoe in the Surroundings of Snowhotel Kirkenes

If you wish to use your energy to cross the magnificent Norwegian landscapes, then a Snowshoe walking experience is just right for you.

Trek up the local mountain ranges that surround the hotel for a glamorous view of the Sandnes mountain plateau and down to Langfjorden, the Arctic fjord. We ensure you, the view cannot get much better than here!

Once at the top, enjoy a Norwegian snack and hot juice made from delicious locally grown berries, and keep your eyes open for the subtle tracks of the Arctic wildlife that roam freely nearby.Snowshoe Walking

Arrive in Style to Snowhotel Kirkenes

We have one more important question for you, are you arriving between 11:00 AM and 15:00 PM? If so, what better way to arrive at the hotel than by being personally picked up from your plane’s front door and arriving like royalty on a dog sledding experience?

An Airport transfer by Huskies is a dream come true and the most perfect way to start your adventure.Husky Taxi - Winter


An Arctic Trip to Inari, Finnish Lapland


Wildlife roams freely in Inari 

Breathe in the Freshest Air While Under the Northern Lights

During the Finnish Lapland wintertime, the snowmobile sleds come out to play.

Sit back and enjoy the thrilling Aurora Borealis sled ride through the frosted mountain scenery until you reach the most amazing view of all time - the open nighttime sky, perfect for viewing Aurora Borealis.

Capture memories like no other during a sled ride into the Arctic night and enjoy a stop for tasty hot berry juice. A fantastic family fun activity.Aurora Borealis Sleigh Ride, from Saariselkä

Explore the Landscapes by Husky


These adorable dogs will become your best friends

If you want to try your hand at controlling the steering yourself, why not give mushing a try on this fantastic 10km Husky Safari. These lovable husky dogs are waiting patiently to dart you into a beautiful white Arctic wonderland.

This is an adventure of a lifetime! You’ll come away with newfound friends and newfound knowledge of the important roles these adorable animals have played in Arctic history and present times of the Scandinavian lands. Husky Safari 10kms, from Saariselkåa


Nordic Holidays Are A Must!

The Arctic Region guarantees natural phenomena on the tip of your fingers and room for the most enjoyable adventures. It's truly an exciting destination waiting to be explored.

Travelling to a different area? Do not worry, we have got you covered! Our Top Scenic Adventures in the Arctic Region will inform you of the other breathtaking destinations you can find in Lapland.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to easily contact us, we are happy to help you plan the perfect Arctic region vacation. If you'd like to discover more information, sign up for our email newsletter.

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