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Experience a Wintertime Wonderland in Swedish Lapland

17. August 2021, 11 min reading time

Swedish Lapland is decorated with roaring rivers, rolling hills, flower fields, high-peaked mountains, historical history, delicious local cuisine, and the Northern Lights, all rolled into one road map of wintertime adventure.

Situated within the Arctic Circle and known for its closeness to the freshest nature can be, this eco-friendly land is covered in rich cultural history, a variety of wildlife, a cuisine of excellence, and an outstanding choice of activities and accommodations.

You don't need to be an expert on Lapland to have a fantastic time; Booknordics.com has that covered! We are thrilled to have created an informative blog to help you discover the best of Swedish Lapland, what it offers SwedishSwedish Lapland, what it has to offer and where to find it. Are you ready for an Arctic trip of a lifetime?


Where is the Swedish Lapland?

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Husky sledding in Swedish Lapland.

Lapland, Sweden, stretches from the northernmost tip of the country to the province of Västerbotten and is the only Swedish region that borders two other countries - neighboring Norway and Finland. A breathtaking Arctic region that covers a quarter of the country and is home to towering mountains, an expanse of marshes, wild snaking rivers, endless forests, and dotted archipelagos. 

It is also known as Sápmi, the land of the indigenous population. The Sami people have lived here for thousands of years and are happy to share their culture, heritage, and how they live with avid travelers wishing to seek adventure. 

You have easy access to travel to these natural gems that await patiently to deliver a magical experience, with trains from Sweden’s most significant cities and flights running from the Stockholm Capital to many Lapland Sweden airports.


Can I see the Northern Lights in Swedish Lapland?


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Credits: Asaf Kliger/imagebank.sweden.se

Swedish Lapland and its interior Abisko National Park are known to be one of the best destinations to witness the magic of the Northern Lights. Situated within the Auroral Zone and seasonally, between September and March, this natural phenomenon dominates the sky with an array of colors that flutter like butterflies amongst the stars. 

Check out our Discover the Northern Lights in Sweden blog for more magical ideas and our top picks for must-do adventures.

Our top two picks of destinations within Swedish Lapland

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Take the chance to feed the reindeer in the Swedish Lapland wilderness.

Did you know the four great national rivers – Torneälven, Kalixälven, Piteälven, and Vindelälven run through Swedish Lapland, interlocking the destinations and providing means of transportation and easy distribution of goods and food?


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Cape Wild in Luleå, Swedish Lapland.

Luleå is the largest city in Swedish Lapland and can be found near the north. A combination of a bustling city with an urban core and a Lappish nature. Enjoy shopping, entertainment, and restaurants while a stone's throw away, you’ll find the world’s largest brackish water archipelago, with 1,312 islands, rivers, and tundra to discover. 

Adventure tip: Visit Cape Wild, a wildlife park outside Luleå in the wild forest. Get the chance to meet a real moose at a close range! Check out the link here: Meet a Moose and Reindeer Tour.

Kiruna and Abisko

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Enjoy the beauty of Abisko National Park.

Kiruna, the capital of Swedish Lapland, is another small mining town in the north of Swedish Lapland. It is located in the direct center of the Aurora oval, hence why Lady Aurora is confident in this area. Herds of reindeer carelessly roam the streets; the spectacular Abisko National Park and its Northern Lights viewing station are a short drive away; Sweden’s highest mountain, Kebnekaise, overlooks the small city, and top ski resorts Björkliden and Riksgränsen, stand tall in the distance. No wonder this is a prime destination for travelers and locals alike.

Wintertime is full of possibilities.

During the wintertime, Swedish Lapland is a frosted paradise offering the best of exceptional Arctic adventures to enlighten your vacation. If you wish to hear the Arctic melody and feel the uniqueness of the air, we highly recommend setting root for more than a few days to fully immerse yourself in the pristine wilderness.

Activities galore

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Winter is the perfect time to enjoy the ski slopes.

Turning into a skier's dream come true, the mountains call to those outdoor adventurers to experience the thrill of a lifetime down some of the country's most-wanted slopes with outstanding landscape views.

Some other highlight adventures are snowmobiling across frozen lakes; local reindeer trekking with an introduction to their lifestyle; Arctic sauna experiences after rolling in the fresh snow; thrilling husky tours that bolt through the endless crystalized terrain; and Sami cultural learning activities where you will experience first hand what it’s like to live in their culture.

If you travel north, Abisko STF Station in Abisko National Park is widely known for offering the most superior views of the Northern Lights. Take the chair lift mount Nuolja for an authentic experience and to discover what the hype is all about. You will not be disappointed.

Swedish Lapland Adventures

National Parks' scenic landscapes

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Surround yourself with the purest nature in Sweden's national parks

Swedish Lapland is an enchanted wonderland during the wintertime and can cater to all adventure lovers and traveling families. With endless nature and pristine beauty, it’s ideal for spending quality time within the natural landscapes to experience what Lapland offers.

The vast areas of Sweden’s national parks are only accessible by foot or skis, so we fell utterly in love with the site. What better way to enjoy the vast wilderness of one of the most outstanding destinations in the Nordics than being one with the wild and taking one step at a time?

While you’re there, take the most extended Northern Lights tour in Kiruna. Your night journey starts in Abisko village, where you can enjoy a BBQ and a bonfire in your Sami tent or cabin. Then you drive to Kiruna, one of the biggest cities in Swedish Lapland, to hunt for the Northern Lights! 

The Longest Northern Lights Tour Kiruna


Unique adventures in Swedish Lapland

An endless variety of exceptional adventures await you in one of the world’s purest natural regions. The choices are excellent, and the memories will last a lifetime.

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Happy Lapland travels!

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