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Guide to Travel Safe in the Nordics in 2022

05. March 2022, 15 min reading time

The reopening of the Nordic countries has begun and travel is accessible with fewer restrictions.

You may be wondering about the current situation in a particular Nordic country of your choice to travel safely. Read our Latest Coronavirus Travel Information in the Nordics to find out the most recent information regarding current entry restrictions and regulations.

When needed, the governments have enforced restrictions, delayed reopenings, and set limitations on gatherings. It is because of this extensive regime that the Nordic countries have begun to reopen for safe travel and tourism.


Can I Travel During the Pandemic?


Local travel as a highlight of citizens in the Nordics

Many Nordic countries are reopening to offer those the chance to travel overseas for the first time since the start of the pandemic and many travel insurance companies are offering cover for Covid-19 to make sure you feel safer than ever.

EU Covid-19 Vaccination Passports are now provided to help further ease travel restrictions. Our advice is to follow all the recommendations from your local government regarding both international and domestic travel.

Check out our Travelling Tips for 2022 to see how to avoid the crowds and how we can help.


The Advantages of Planning a Trip to the Nordics


Nature is vast in the Nordics

The Nordics are home to some of the most beautiful places in the world. Here, you get a taste of all seasons, charismatic landscapes, unmissable action-adventure, and its distinct scenic beauty. As a region with vast wilderness, peaked mountain ranges, and glaciers planted for miles, the Nordics are at a slight theatrical advantage.

Regardless of your chosen destination, the Nordic regions can offer:

  • World-class hygiene and other excellent safety standards
  • Remote destinations escaping the crowds
  • Extremely clean water and oxygen.
  • Spectacular nature and an abundance of space.
  • An extensive range of outdoor activities.
  • Conveniently accessible travel routes by road, rail or sea
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly, geothermal destinations

Travel adventures that tour operators are assembling 

The Nordic tour operators have assembled tour packages to offer the best possible deals while remaining as safe and comfortable as possible.

Picked up from your accommodation or the airport doorstep, tour operators have designed particular programmes to allow you to experience classic Nordic adventures whilst avoiding any unnecessary contact with others.

Your safety is our top priority

Booking your chosen adventure through Booknordics.com not only provides a fast, efficient, and non-contact process to book and secure your tour, but also offers you the time you need to browse and compare all the incredible activities on offer and choose the perfect one for you.

It is because of this that we can offer top-quality and safety-assured programmes to dedicated travellers with peace of mind that you will be thoroughly looked after here in the Nordics.


Holiday Safety Measures by our Trusted Partners

1. Following Government given guidelines and operating procedures


The Nordic Region including Norway, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands

The travel sector has adhered to governmental protocols and then further adapted these to their workplaces, ensuring safety for all personnel, specifically their staff and their customers. This includes our tour operators in the Nordics. 

Rest assured, given the degree of time since the first outbreak of the coronavirus in early 2020, the Nordic tour operators are educated and excellently trained in all safety aspects regarding Covid-19 and how it affects the operation of their business.

With ever-changing guidelines, the Nordic locals adapt positively to ensure they are up to date and operating to the safety standard in which they have been advised. 

2. Operating at a reduced capacity and at safe distances


Safe distance, stress-free travel for every generation

The tour operators in the Nordics may follow stringent operating guidelines regarding how to maintain a safe distance and at what capacity they may reasonably operate. 

Depending on the type of Nordic adventure and quantity the tour can withstand, tour operators may be mindful of the following: 

  • Operating at a possible reduced capacity
  • Provide proof of vaccination status or equivalent
  • Maintain a cautious distance and use a hand sanitiser prior to the event
  • A booking system is required to control the number of participants to a certain amount

 3. Signed health questionnaire and Covid-19 Passports


Tours may request negative covid-19 test results

Standard protocol across the Nordic regions still largely states that those who are sick or who display any signs and symptoms should stay at home. 

Ensuring that travellers are as safe as possible, our tour operators may additionally require the following requirements: 

  • A Covid-19 Passport detailing full vaccination status, proof of recovery, or proof of negative test results
  • A health questionnaire to be completed before the commencing of the tour 
  • Personal contact details are required in case of close contact with a confirmed case is recorded during the tour 
  • Any traveller displaying signs and symptoms will be politely disembarked and turned away

4. Booking only


Secure bookings & price match guarantee

To ensure a smooth process and to operate effectively under the current guidelines, some tour operators have introduced a booking-only system. This enables contactless payments and an automatic check on the number of participants.

Bookings can be secured online, through our email, and over the phone. We advise all travellers to check the fine print when booking their tour. Cancellation policies have been created to offer the most satisfactory outcomes during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

5. Enhanced cleaning protocols


Ensuring a safe trip with enhanced cleaning

Whether you are renting a car, taking an international or domestic flight, staying in hotel accommodation, or a secluded holiday cabin, rest assured that before your vacation takes place, all areas will be sanitised and ready to welcome you. 

You may find the following during your adventure:

  • Contactless payments may reduce contact with others and speed up the payment process
  • Hand sanitiser provided upon entry and exit
  • Adjustments to the food and drink service will be implemented to minimise touchpoints
  • Rental equipment and clothes will be both cleaned and or steamed between each guest.

Dedicated crew and staff are trained with the latest policies in mind and are there to assist you from start to finish during your vacation.

6. Face masks


Face masks are mandatory and supplied by tour operators

Both staff and customers may be required to wear face masks or face coverings during the tour and we recommend taking your own. Check the regulations before you travel.

7. Cancellation policies


Stress-free travel with Booknordics.com's tour operators

At Booknordics.com, we want to create a stress-free, no-hassle atmosphere when choosing and booking your Nordic Adventure with us.

To ensure you are protected in these uncertain times and to facilitate support due to last-minute changes, our tour operators have a cancellation policy in place. Be sure to take note of the policy when booking your top-quality adventure as tour operators may differ. This can be found at the time of choosing and booking your tour on our website.

Remember: stress-free bookings and a world-class adventure are the keys to happiness. 


What Happens if I Test Positive for Coronavirus Upon or After Arrival


Freedom to travel in style - safely

Testing positive for Covid-19 may require self-isolation. We recommend when travelling outside your country of residence, purchasing travel insurance that covers any Covid-19 related injuries. 

Should you require further assistance during your vacation, be sure to make note of the emergency services contact numbers and have your travel insurance documents always at hand. 


What Should I Expect when Travelling Back to My Own Country?


Be cautious and informed of all restrictions 

We recommend being thoroughly aware of all restrictions and quarantine measures before leaving your country of residence. We can assure you that the Nordics tour operators will provide excellent, top-quality service and will adapt to any changes quickly and professionally.


Have Some Further Questions?

We hope that you find this article interesting and the information provided has eased any concerns that you may have had regarding your travels.

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