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Northern Norway: 7 Amazing Winter Adventures Not to Miss

15. April 2021, 10 min reading time

Blog Update: November 23, 2022

Imagine a faraway land with beautiful scenery, breathtaking views, and a magical allure. Northern Norway offers many unforgettable experiences and lasting memories you cannot find anywhere else and personifies what a Nordic adventure truly is.

What is best described as robust and glittery snow falls together with Arctic climates. This breathtaking region creates the ideal scenery for exceptional wintery activities until the sight of winter ending arrives towards late March.

If you're looking for the Northern Lights in Norway, look no further, we have all you need to know right here.

Top Winter Adventures in Northern Norway

Whale Watching in Tromsø

Experience whale watching in Tromsø

1. Whale Safari and Magical Northern Lights in Tromsø

In Tromsø, enjoy the surrounding ocean and mountain-peaked fjords, and watch silently under the Northern Lights while you make friends with the local Humpback Whales and the playful Orcas.Whale Safari and Northern Lights

2. Dogsledding Through the Ice Domes in Tromsø


Northern Norway Blog Photos

Experience the best of an ice dome in northern Norway

Embark on an exhilarating dog sledding tour, meet the local musher, relax in a sturdy sled, and watch the adorable Alaskan huskies as you venture out into the vast landscapes only known to them. On the most memorable winter journey, you'll travel over frozen lakes, into snow-covered valleys, and through pearly-white forests.

An ideal way to finish your adventure in the true Norwegian style. Dogsledding, Ice Domes Guided Tour and Reindeer Visit


3. Adventurous Snowmobile Safari in North Cape

Embark upon a snowmobile tour into the Arctic wilderness before witnessing the art of the spectacular Ice Domes.

Starting at 250m above sea level and slowly climbing in between the surrounding majestic mountains, you’ll bolt past scenic landscapes and through the dramatic Finn valley while considering the striking topography underneath you.

Northern Norway Blog Photos (2)

Perfect snowmobile trails in Tamok Valley 

When you reach the Ice Dome, you will be immersed in how the design represents Sami culture and the famous Northern Lights conveyed through impressive lighting and detailed ice sculptures.Snowmobile, Ice Dome Guided Tour and Reindeer Visit

4. King Crab on a Winter Safari Tour in Kirkenes 

The famous and mighty King Crab migrated west from Russia in the sixties and is now a part of the eastern Finnmark marine fauna. 

Kirkenes grants travelers the opportunity to master the art of King Crab fishing to enlighten your true inner sea angler and test your dedication to catching the ocean's most giant sea crab.

Northern Norway Blog Photos (1)

Your fisherman will take you on an unforgettable fishing tour!

Arriving at a cozy farmhouse, you will have time to relax and feast the Norwegian way from your deliciously cooked, fresh catches of the day. Prepare for one of the best meals you have tasted in the wilderness.

Not only will your taste buds be tickled, but imagine a greeting from the Northern Lights to add spellbinding feelings to your frosted adventure—an authentic Northern Norway experience to indulge in with your friends.King crab winter excursion

5. Listen to the Hidden Stories of Sami Culture in Kirkenes

Today, the Sami people, enriched with culture, heritage, and ancient folklore, love to tell the tales of their ancient pasts and share their local beliefs with trusted travelers.


Meet the reindeer and experience Sami culture in the north

On a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you will be up close and personal with a true Sami local. Enjoy meeting the Reindeer and feeding them their favorite food - tundra lichen; sample the unique art of Sami singing, and spend time in a warmly heated Lavvu (a traditional Sami tent).Sami Adventure with Reindeer Feeding

6. Chase the Northern Lights with Dog Sledding in Kirkenes 

Keep your eyes peeled for sparse and majestic Arctic landscapes, deep mountain plateaus, frostbitten tundra, and distant fjords while listening to the pitter-patter of the huskies' paws.

Dog Sledding and Northern Ligths

A fine stop to capture Lady Aurora dancing in the Northern sky

Destined to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones and make some new furry friends along the way, your backdrop of immense colors will highlight the wilderness in front of your eyes.

Dog Sledding and Northern Lights


7. Guided Ebike Tour in Bodø

6-4Witness the Northern Lights in Bodø, Norway

We are calling all Northern Lights lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Experience the thrill of the chase and the unspoiled beauty of nature as you race to the top of Keiservarden in Bodø. Indulge in an undisturbed 360-degree view from Keiservarden peak, a masterpiece to behold. 

As one of the prime locations for witnessing the Aurora Borealis skates across the open sky, you’ll be able to capture a magnificent photograph far away from any light pollution and take it home with you to share with the family.

Guided eBike Northern Lights Chase

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We are pleased to introduce and share the beautiful elements of Northern Norway and its captivating scenery. We hope we have inspired you to join us on a phenomenal winter trip, and we cannot wait to see your stories.

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