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Our Top Scenic Adventures on an Arctic Region Itinerary

04. November 2021, 17 min reading time

If you are interested in venturing to the Arctic Region this winter, then you are in for the vacation of a lifetime.

Destinations displaying otherworldly features, mesmerizing colours, a touch of magic, and a sprinkle of authenticity to its talked-about landmarks is sure to be on the tip of everyone's tongue this winter.

We are delighted to offer you some exemplary activities to include on your vacation so as not to miss all the excitement and detailed characteristics that our spell-binding region has to offer.


Untouched Sceneries and Varied Terrains


Lapland is home to some of the world's most relaxing landscapes

We couldn't be any more proud of our lands and we're extremely eager to share all of our love with you. Together, let's celebrate the breathtaking landscapes of the untouched wilderness, varied terrains that this unique region offers, and the best and purest air and water this planet has to offer. Not forgetting to mention the uniqueness of their local cuisine and deliciously prepared dishes.

Our ultimate favourite reason to visit these otherworldly places is the fact that every year with the coming of winter, sometimes as early as the end of August through to the following April, the spectacular Northern Lights greet us with a smile and lighten the way across the diversity and authenticity that these destinations portray.

We have an incredible selection of hand-picked adventures to help plan for the perfect Lapland holiday.


The Finnish Lapland


Enjoy the Northern Lights in the Finnish wilderness

Finnish Lapland is the largest and northernmost region in Finland and in all its glory is a true winter wonderland destination. Home to the one and only Mr Santa Claus, drastically dotted with reindeers and Arctic saunas to relax your mind, this is a sensual region where contrasting seasons rejoice, time stands still and fairytales come alive.

Enjoy a reindeer ride through snowflaked forests, relax in the open saunas, enjoy a coastal town visit or a snowshoe walk through the untamed terrain - the choice is simply yours when you visit Finland. See our Chasing the Northern Lights in Finland blog for more inspiration on how to find the magic of the auroras on your itinerary.


Swedish Lapland


Enjoy the winter glow over Swedish Lapland

Winter in Swedish Lapland is like no other. Wildly decorated in stunning mountains, overgrown marshes and curving rivers, it is a place where you need a sacred moment to breathe it all in and a further second to let it all back out again. 

Covering over a quarter of the total land area of Sweden, this Arctic territory is so widely diverse, it offers adventurers a paradise to vacate too underneath the swirls of mystical magic that roam the clear skies.

Embark on a dog sledding adventure through the endless forests, release your energy on an adrenaline-fuelled mountain hike, test your skills on the steeping ski slopes and try your luck at the famous frozen lake fishing - it is all available when you visit the Swedish Lapland.


An Adventurous Vacation in Rovaniemi, Ylläs and Kittilä


Enjoy the tranquillity of Lapland

In these three stunning areas, there's no better way to enjoy a Lapland holiday. Discover distinctive sites, hear stories about the surrounding culture and enjoy the spectacular scenery. Nothing compares to the natural wonders that beam within the Arctic Region.

You will never forget this whirlwind of an adventure.

1. Experience a Northern Lights Multi-Day Tour


Put yourself in the centre of the Northern Lights in the Arctic Region

Are you a lover of the outdoors and planning on staying within the Rovaniemi region for a few days? We have found the perfect multi-day trip to spark your imagination and enlighten your vacation, literally.

Join a wonderful and adventurous 4-day itinerary out into the spellbinding Finnish wilderness in search of the mystical Northern Lights. Be picked up from your chosen accommodation in an intimate group of 8 and be whisked into the unknown for an unforgettable Arctic adventure in Lapland.

Starting as early as September, this magical tour takes you through a story of the magic of the Northern Lights that have sparked folklore, historical beliefs and an intense background to the Finnish landscapes for as long as we can remember.

Wrap up warm, enjoy local snacks and capture the perfect photograph in the most picturesque outdoor scenery imaginable.

Ultimate Northern Lights Holiday Package

2. Spend Two Days with the Arctic Animals



The wildlife in the Arctic Region is outstanding

A complete Booknordics.com must-do favourite! If you are travelling during the autumntime and have a distinct love for animals, we can point you in the right direction! Embark on an outdoorsy adventure that will leave you warm from the inside and wanting more!

Combine a fantastic and authentic bear-watching safari near the Russian border, a lovable reindeer feeding experience in a traditional farm, a delicious three-course meal and an interesting overnight stay in a wilderness hut - all in the space of 2 incredible days.

To top off this fantastic trip, you will have the opportunity to visit Auttiköngas National Park and its beautiful waterfalls. Here you can truly experience the real Lapland nature and enjoy a light snack surrounded by amazing views. On the way home, if you do want more, an option to visit the Ranua Wildlife Park is available for you.

Arctic Animals Immersion3. Enjoy Four White Days in Lapland


Immerse into the wintery landscapes of the Arctic

Are you seeking a true winter wonderland adventure? We have got you covered! This excellent wintertime package includes all you need for the most superb Arctic vacation. 

Enjoy two fantastic Northern Lights wilderness tours, a snowshoeing and ice-fishing tour, an adventurous ski trekking safari in Lapland, an authentic reindeer farm visit with a short 400m sleigh ride and an energetic husky farm visit with a 10km husky safari. 

This is a Booknordics.com favourite and a guaranteed multi-day venture that will blow your mind. Breathtaking landscapes, active adventures and an abundance of laughs are waiting for you on this fabulous tour of the Arctic Region.

White Lapland Holiday Package

4. Embark on a Wilderness Day at the Forest Lake


Become a local in the wilderness - perfect for outdoor lovers

Did you know that the mythological Finnish god of water is Ahti? Fingers crossed he is generous today and provides you with a catch of a lifetime.

Enjoy a unique wilderness day by Lake Saivojärvi and personally sample Lapland’s pristine nature. Here, you'll breathe in the freshest air and enjoy the warming landscapes with its variety of wildlife on this outdoor daytime activity.

Throughout the day, you will experience the generosity of your dedicated guide who will teach you how to fish from either the shore or a boat, and learn like a local how to make feather sticks to light the open campfire. A perfect tour that explores the very best of the Finnish wilderness and provides delicious Lappish sausages grilled over an open campfire.

Wilderness Day at the Forest Lake

5. Enjoy a Fishing Experience by Snowmobile


Test your patience and skill at Arctic fishing

Nothing suggests a more Arctic experience than to become one with the locals and join in their favourite hobby. In this case, deep in the heart of the Finnish Lapland region, there is a true love for Arctic Fishing.

Sit out in the glorious Arctic silence and learn how to drill a hole in the iced-over lake and throw your line deep in the frosted waters to attempt a catch-of-the-day!

Now, that is not all. This fantastic adventure has a twist on how you travel to your destination and we can tell you - you travel in style. Arrive on a thrilling snowmobile ride through the snow-covered tundra and spectacular brightened scenery of the diverse landscapes of the Finnish wilderness.

Adrenaline and relaxation all in one day, destined to keep you on your toes.

Fishing Experience by Snowmobile

6. Sample the Enchanting Snowy Silence on Snowshoes


Use your energy on a fantastic snowshoe adventure in the wilderness

There really is no better way to experience the outdoors than on a scenic escapade through the untouched wilderness. 

Get your snowshoes on, backpacks ready and join us for an epic trek through the winterly forests of the Lappish region, surrounded by raw, top-quality views of otherworldly landscapes.

Learn all about the region from your local guide and sip on delicious homemade berry juice along the way. A true Arctic tour tailored to your desires of a winter wonderland.

White Silence on Snowshoes

7. Eat Dinner in Style at the Fabulous SnowVillage

A perfect activity for all the family and one that will leave you with an imprint of magic on your hearts, oh and your tastebuds.

Visit the enticing SnowVillage in the heart of Scandinavia and enjoy a delicious 3-course meal prepared from local ingredients consisting of:

  • Starter: Parsnip soup topped with pickled mushrooms and roasted almonds
  • Main Course: Reindeer Vorschmack served with mashed potatoes, pickles, sour cream, and pickled lingonberries
  • Dessert: Blueberry Pudding with roasted white chocolate, white chocolate mousse, and meringue

Can you taste it already?

Finish your night relaxing by the open fire and admire the attention to detail that this masterpiece, created by natural sources, presents.

Dinner at SnowVillage

8. Sleep Under the Northern Lights in Snow and Ice

We have the greatest accomplishment for you to lay your eyes upon. Not only is the Arctic Snowhotel made purely out of ice and snow it's also one of the largest within the Nordic countries! A spellbinding and unique sleeping environment that one should not miss along their tour of the Arctic Region.

Heavenly magic is made up of an Arctic ice bar, frosted ice restaurant, traditional snow sauna, carefully carved ice rooms and 360 degree clear views inside the elegant glass igloos, designed to watch the elite performance of the Northern Lights.

Did you know that the Snowhotel is carved each year and each time decorated differently from the previous years? No two seasons are the same and therefore there is no reason not to visit this magical place on earth every single time you arrive.

Be prepared to be dazzled and touch the Arctic climates at their finest.

Arctic Snowhotel and Glass Igloos


An Authentic Nordic Tour

Have we inspired you to embark on a Winter Arctic Region vacation? Let us help you create the most outstanding itineraries. 

If you need any further assistance or information, please feel free to contact our dedicated customer service representatives who will be happy to help. If you'd like to discover more information, sign up for our email newsletter.

Happy Nordic travels!

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