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The Best Places to Travel Within the Arctic Region

02. November 2021, 21 min reading time

Home to some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes, otherworldly landmarks and breathtaking natural phenomena, Northern Norway, the Finnish Lapland and the Swedish Lapland are amongst some of the best regions to cross borders and to travel within the Arctic Region.

Towering treetop Tundra, widespread open lakes, ocean caressing Fjords, stunning National Parks and a spritz of the Northern Lights are all connected to why the Arctic Region is a prime destination on the most-wanted travel list.

In our blog, we have put together some of the most significant and vibrant destinations alongside some interesting and valuable reasons why you should travel to the otherworldly Arctic Region this winter.


Visit During the Winter


Travel to Scandinavia during the winter

Lapland is beyond beautiful regardless of the season or by the joining weather conditions. For us, a Winter Vacation in the Arctic Region is extraordinary and absolutely spectacular.

Winter encourages the arrival of snow which not only introduces a sprinkle of magic but a sense of hope one can only describe once witnessed. October through March is an extended season with drastically changing daylight hours and temperatures averaging anywhere between -10 and -18 °C.

This time of year vibrates spell-binding landscapes that are out of this world. Enjoy dog sledding through the towering trees, snowmobiling across the iced-topped lakes or tasting the locally roasted hotdogs from a freshly lit campfire in the vast wilderness. Lapland holidays are unstoppable, unmissable and unforgettable.

We would like to put a slight emphasis on the reason why this time of year is our favourite. Arriving throughout the winter period you will be gifted with an array of crystal clear skies and a wide range of untouched wilderness, the perfect setting for the Northern Lights to come out to play and create vibrant masterpieces for all to see throughout the Arctic Circle.


The Best Destinations to Visit Across the Arctic Region


Travel to any destination in Lapland and enjoy breathtaking nature

Did you know that there are over 21 municipalities in the whole of the Arctic Lapland region? That’s an incredible amount of destinations lucky enough to be within the Arctic Circle and filled with mystical phenomena.

The Arctic Circle, known as one of the most beautiful and extraordinary destinations due to its extreme weather conditions, is the area within the northern solar circle that forms a ring around the northern hemisphere of our planet.

Resting peacefully inside lies Northern Norway, the beautiful Finnish Lapland and the remarkable Swedish Lapland region, all offering some of the most awe-inspiring scenery and are easily accessible from one to another. Check out our Top Scenic Adventures for more inspiration on what to do in this breathtaking area.

How big do you imagine the Lapland region to be? Well, imagine Belgium, Holland and Switzerland put together and that will give you roughly the same size area. Fascinating right?


Northern Norway


Sample the finest landscapes in Fjord Norway

Northern Norway’s region that lies within the Arctic Circle is otherwise known as Arctic Norway. Featuring as the gateway to the twilight night, this beautiful selection of breathtaking destinations will grant you the most outstanding winter adventures and leave you with a sprinkle of magic in your heart, and the colourful Northern Lights, the Norwegian way.

At Booknordics.com, we are extremely proud and secretly impressed by what our lands have to offer the avid traveller, the sightseeing families and outdoor lovers.



Enjoy the magical Northern Lights in Tromsø

Tromsø, a city of learning, cultural history, nightlife, and delicious food is surrounded by the deep-overlooking Tromsø Fjord and dotted with soft-to-the-eye islands. Being the biggest city in the north, the Arctic wilderness is visible from everywhere you look.

Why not take the Tromsø cable car up to Mount Storsteinen for a full overview of the vibrant city oozing with the intense colours of the arches of the Northern Lights

Or, walk across the Tromsø bridge, view the old wooden buildings, sample the cuisine at the docks or take off on an adventure of a lifetime to taste the bittersweetness of the Arctic landscapes.



Experience the Northernmost point on Europe mainland

In 1953, the English sea captain Richard Chancellor named the northernmost point on Europe mainland the Nordkapp/North Cape and it became a legend of the seven seas for being ‘the end of the world’. 

If you choose to visit this wonderful viewpoint in Magerøya, we highly recommend travelling during the winter seasons to fully appreciate the possibility of a breathtaking view of the archipelago of North Helgeland with a flash of colour from the Northern Lights.

Planes, cruises and on-foot travellers make this destination a stop-over during their itineraries. 



The snow is beautiful Narvik

Narvik, the destination where allies formed together and fought one of WWII’s biggest battles and whose existence is thankful to Sweden’s northern destination Kiruna for their shipping of iron ore.

The giant Narvikfjellet Mountain has the title of one of Scandinavia’s largest vertical drops and can be enjoyed through world-class skiing from the top of the clouds to the bottom where the city peacefully awaits. If you prefer to hike, you will not be disappointed with this phenomenal mountain, it offers it all!

In our experience, the 42 km Ofotbanen railway road that takes you to the Swedish border and further connects this historical town to Kiruna in Sweden is one of the most scenic journeys you can embark on. Head from monumental fjord lands and mountains through wild, dramatic and uninhabited landscapes and capture the best photographic memories you could hope for.



Head out onto the ocean on a fantastic whale safari in Andenes

Experience incredible nature at Andenes, found at the end of the land at Andøy, where Norway’s nature is at its best. Beautiful, deserted and windswept.

Enjoy whale watching experiences, scenic coastal paths, beaches, museums, hiking trails and peaceful nature with your loved ones. There are enough to keep you busy yet simply relaxed alongside this beautiful coastal town.


Swedish Lapland


Swedish Lapland presents pristine nature, relaxing atmospheres and the Northern Lights

The winter wonderland Swedish Lapland territory covers almost one-quarter of the country's total land area. Stretching from Sorsele and Skellefteå in the province of Västerbotten to the northernmost tip of Sweden, it is substantially the most picturesque of all the country.

Filled with glorious tundra, a wonder of activities, delicious local cuisine, the dazzling Northern Lights, treetop cabins, and wooden lodges that look straight out of fairytales, the Swedish Lapland is a mesmerizing visage of beauty. Mysig, the Swedish concept of keeping cosy, wrapping up warm and feeling the love is embedded in any adventure.



Meet the adorable reindeer in Kiruna

One of the most fascinating destinations within the Swedish Lapland (Lappland) area is Kiruna. A small mining town that is remarkably positioned to the north, well within the centre of the Auroral Oval and defines what a true Arctic Region destination is.

It offers everything from deep forests and expansive marshes to lakes, rivers and mountains. It proudly displays the protective Kebnekaise, Sweden’s highest mountain at over 2,106ft and the famous ski resorts Björkliden and Riksgränsen that lie directly in the town.

Did we mention that it is also the home to the famous IceHotel? Gifting the Swedish Lapland region with an eco-friendly masterpiece made from the water of the Torne River which is constructed purely of ice and snow. This art centrepiece melts every year in the spring and is reconstructed in time for the autumn and winter season travellers.

Abisko National Park


Enjoy incredible views in Abisko National Park

If you like the sound of that, we know that you will love the sound of this - Abisko National Park is simply stunning and those who venture here are evidently lost in time.

Abisko National Park, showcasing nature at its finest, is known for its prevailing winds and clear skies. It is renowned as one of the best places on earth to see the sparkling Northern Lights who behold secrets across the sky while the wildlife roams freely under their guidance.

Kungsleden - the King of Trails, runs from Hemavan to Abisko in the impressive Swedish mountains. Passing 15 Sami Villages, Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve, the Laponia World Heritage Site, four of Sweden’s National parks and the four remaining national rivers, it is a fly fishing paradise. This 450km trail is an absolute treasure and an outdoor lovers’ dream come true.

The northern regions are also home to the native Sami people, who continue a long tradition of herding reindeer and are extremely proud of their cultural heritage. We absolutely recommend visiting a local Sami village to learn more about their ways of life and meet their Reindeer companions.


Finnish Lapland


Experience a true winter wonderland in the Finnish Lapland

The Finnish Lapland region makes up over 33% of Finland's total area and is shared with roughly the same amount of roaming reindeers as there are people. 

This region is an exceptional wilderness area with a few remote villages and subtle towns scattered around that offer numerous breathtaking adventures, unique accommodations and natural phenomena to fill your appetite.

Check out our Chasing the Northern Lights in Finland blog if you wish to venture out into the vast wilderness and hold hands with the Green Lady.



Lapland is full of tasty berries you can pick during the wintertime

Why do we love Rovaniemi so much? It’s simple! It is the official home of Mr Santa Claus, full of festive cheer and better still, the big man himself can be visited earlier in the Fall season too!

Crossing the Arctic Circle is a popular tourist attraction here in the heart of Rovaniemi and what better way to do it than with your family in Santa Claus’ Village itself? Visit Santa’s workshop, befriend his eager elves, feed his adorable reindeer and send a cheeky wishlist before sipping on Mrs Claus' homemade and delicious hot chocolate. Can you think of anything more magical?

This pristine wonderland is decorated seamlessly in the winter and a Rovaniemi Christmas holiday is simply outstanding and guarantees a smile from all around.

Isn’t it interesting that if you look down on Rovaniemi from an aerial view, it is said that the streets of the Capital city are shaped like reindeer antlers? How ironic?



An abundance of activities await you in Levi

The stunning resort of Levi is located in the village of Sirkka in Finland’s Kittilä municipality, deep in the Auroral Oval. We cannot stress enough how beautiful and unique this breathtaking area is where you can step back in time and fall in love with complete silence.

If you're an adventurous family and enjoy skiing, horseback riding, canoeing, snowmobiling, reindeer herding, and hiking in the nearby mountains, Lappish forests or even further to the gorgeous Pallas–Yllästunturi National Park - you are in the right place!

Offering comfortable cottages, open wilderness huts and alpine house accommodation whilst hosting various local cuisine specialities, there is something for the whole family at all times of the day.

Did you know that Lapland was famous for its cheese? With quite a few varieties, the locals favourite is known as ‘squeaky cheese’ and is prepared and served with their handpicked and homemade cloudberry jam.



Enjoy the finest Lappish landscapes near the Norwegian border

A village with under 100 inhabitants and mighty landscapes, this destination lies beside the Norwegian border and is the home to the very best of Finland’s untouched wilderness and its largest fells. Kilpisjärvi stands out from the rest of the Finnish Lapland regions for being its only mountain resort.

Perfectly placed where our Arctic countries meet and only 50km from the Arctic Ocean, it is no surprise that travellers stop here.

According to ancient legends, Kilpisjärvi was initially inhabited by giants. A story involving love, rivalry and witchcraft is said to have created lake Kilpisjärvi and its waterfall, Kitsi. Memories of the saga can be seen throughout the stunning colours through the lake's water and the surrounding pine trees of Saana fell. Both are sacred to the indigenous Sami people that live close by.


An Exciting Itinerary

We are extremely fond of an exceptional Arctic Region destination and we are delighted to share with you the places you can find inside.

Contact us for more information or inspiration for your journey through our charming lands. If you'd like to discover more, sign up for our email newsletter.

Happy Arctic travels!

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