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The Best Websites and Apps to Track the Northern Lights in Iceland

02. February 2022, 13 min reading time

Did you know that Iceland sits in an optimal position to witness the mesmerizing Auroras and that you can track the Northern Lights while visiting this phenomenal country?

Dotted with lava, bubbling hot springs, trademark landscapes, and enormous glaciers, Iceland presents unbelievable backdrops accompanied by natural phenomena.

Many visitors to Iceland come for the sake of seeing the mysterious natural occurrence of the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, and here at Booknordics.com, we are pleased to share the many ways that you can witness the flare in Iceland and how best to track the Northern Lights daily.

Our Top Ten Picks


Icelandic City Lights

While anticipating the Aurora forecast may not be easy, ten websites and apps help you master Northern Lights live tracking in Iceland.

1. Icelandic Meteorological Office

The Icelandic Met Office is among the most dependable internet sources for Northern Lights live tracking. This website monitors solar activity, and you can get a 6-day Iceland Northern Light forecast based on the level of geomagnetic activity (also known as the Kp-index).

In addition to showing the intensity of the activity and the amount of cloud cover over Iceland, it has its own unique webpage. Using this as a guide, you can figure out where to travel and whether the clouds will be meddling with your Aurora view.

2. Aurora Service Europe

One of the most popular websites to track Northern Lights, Aurora Service Europe monitors geomagnetic and solar activity and live solar wind conditions. It then produces hourly, daily, and 3-day Iceland Northern Light forecasts. It also incorporates real-time solar wind data from NASA's ACE satellite, which it uses in combination with the NOAA Ovation Aurora Forecast.

On the website, you'll also find a helpful map of Europe showing you precisely what Kp-index you need to view the Aurora Borealis in your location.

3. Hello, Aurora

A man watching a spectacular show of aurora borealis over a body of water

The Northern Lights above Kirkjufell Mountain in Iceland

You can find out if the Northern Lights will be visible in your area with the Hello Aurora app, which two Icelandic inventors built. It uses a wide range of data, including weather, magnetic fields, and solar storms, to estimate the likelihood of seeing the Northern Lights.

It's like a weather app for the aurora borealis in that it displays the sky prediction for the moment and the days ahead. This makes it easier for people to track the Northern Lights and plan their trips accordingly.

4. Aurora Forecast Iceland

This website summarizes all the tools mentioned above on a single, easy-to-read page. You can view solar activity, the Kp-index forecast, the Icelandic Met Office's cloud cover forecast, and NASA's real-time space weather information. It also shows the NOAA Ovation Aurora forecast and charts from Iceland's Leirvogur Magnetic Observatory displaying Earth's magnetic field readings.

The data from the Leirvogur Magnetic Observatory, owned and administered by the Science Institute of the University of Iceland, is the most notable feature of this website. The significant fluctuations in data are a functional Northern Lights live tracking tool.

5. Soft Serve News

A green-hued display of the Northern Lights over a body of water in IcelandIceland Northern Lights

Soft Serve News lets you track Northern Lights by providing real-time information on Aurora activity and notifying it through Aurora Alerts. This service offers predictions for the Northern Lights according to your location.

There's a $4.95 monthly notification membership option to stay on top of things in real time. You'll be notified through text, phone call, or email whenever the Northern Lights occur close to your home. This is a minor fee if it helps you witness the Aurora Lights during your next vacation!

6. SpaceWeatherLive

SpaceWeatherLive is a user-friendly website and app that provides all the information you need to track Northern Lights through solar activity and geomagnetic storms. Everything from Kp-index to solar winds to moon phases is displayed in neat graphs. You can use these as Northern Lights live tracking tools and ensure you don’t miss the lights on your next Iceland excursion.

7. Northern Lights Iceland

lady_auroraAurora Borealis creating swirls on an Icelandic backdrop

This site has a wealth of information about the Aurora Borealis and the best places to observe it, from lists of guided tours to forecasts of when the lights will appear. You can easily track Northern Lights activity through the cloud coverage and satellite images on their Northern Lights Forecasts page.

Iceland's Northern Lights season, detailed on the website, typically lasts from the first of September through the winter and ends on the 15th of April. The map and weather charts are updated daily at about 6 p.m., so checking them before venturing out on your search is best.

8. Northern Lights Alerts App

Developed in Iceland, this Northern Lights live tracking app will alert you if someone else is witnessing the Northern Lights, and you can also alert everyone else if you see them yourself. It alerts you if the Northern Lights are visible and within your range.

The best part about the Northern Lights Alerts App is that it is free to use and very easy to set up. The downside, however, is that it does not provide forecasts and asks for location information.

9. My Aurora Forecast & Alerts


The Northern Lights overlook Skogafoss waterfall.

My Aurora Forecast is another free Northern light live tracking app on the Apple store. Long-term forecasts allow you to plan your Northern Lights viewings weeks prior (subject to weather conditions). You'll receive free push notifications when there is a high probability of auroral activity.

10. Stjörnufræðivefurinn (The Astronomy Website)

This website is a personal endeavor by a group of people with a deep interest in astronomy, and they go into great depth regarding the phenomenon of the Northern Lights. Their website is currently only available in Icelandic; however, you can use Google Translate to translate it into your preferred language.

You will find real-time data and other detailed information that aids Northern Lights to live tracking and 7-day aurora forecasts. The only thing lacking in this extensive astronomy website is cloud coverage data.

Ready to Experience the Northern Lights in Iceland?

Cloud coverage information and Kp measures are all you need to monitor the Northern Lights and make sure you get them.

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