Top Destinations and What It’s Like to Visit Norway In Summer

10. July 2022, 23 min reading time

A Norway summer brings green to the mountains, a glistening glow to the arctic sea waters, excitement to the fjords, swimming to the open lakes, and delicious picnics to the parks.

Lakes open up and invite families to the waters, mountains defrost and become hikers and cyclists' paradise, and boats are unmoored and set sail into the romantic horizon. 

Offering breathtaking scenery and exhilarating adventures, it's no wonder that backpacks are packed and suitcases are ready for travelers to visit Norway. At, we encourage you to holiday in Norway during the summer.


Norway holidays in the Summer Season

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Enjoy the fjord views in Norway.

During June, July, and August, Norway is blessed with the warmth of the summer months and the glow of the Midnight Sun. With temperatures averaging between 20°C - 25°C, Norway’s nature comes alive, and the locals are energetic.

Although in the northern regions above the Arctic Circle, where the Midnight Sun is prominent, the temperatures cannot be compared to those of the south. Did you know Northern Norway holds both the record high of 36°C and the record low of an astonishing negative -51°C?

Clothing for the Summer

While enjoying temperatures that keep you warm and cozy, we recommend packing for a slight surprise. Depending upon your destination, whether on land or at sea, low level or high peak, the weather can take a slight turn and present you with various seasons in one day.

Remember those waterproofs, swimsuits, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray, and your hiking boots - you’ll most likely need them all.


Exceptional destinations in Norway

The Helgeland Coast South of Bodø

typical_norwegian_summerTop local hidden gems to venture on holiday!

Known for its transition into the northern region of Norway, the beautiful Helgeland Coast south of Bodø is a popular destination for locals in the summer.

This fantastic destination offers thousands of islands, islets, reefs, glistening white sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, lush valleys, and incredible mountain tops.

This dream destination entices hikers, cyclists, and water fanatics to its shores. Why not experience Vega and Vega øyan and its 6500 islands, a World Heritage Site on the northern beaches? Or, sight Svartisen, Norway’s second-largest glacier, and hop across the north line of the Arctic Circle?

With many places to stop for a night of rest, a snack or two, or a relaxing and peaceful time under the stars, one cannot miss this unique place.


Enjoy the scenery from way up high!

RIB Excursion with Mountain Hiking on Desolate Island

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you’ll be delighted to hear that the spectacular archipelago is home to the world’s largest population of sea eagles. Traveling by RIB boat through and around the islands and islets of the Helgeland Coast will provide you with breathtaking personal views of the king of the skies.

Add a mountain hike on the spectacular Rødøya island, and your adventure will be the best one yet!Book RIB Excursion with Mountain Hiking on Desolate Island



Stavanger city center has so much to offer

Decorated with vibrant colors, imprinted with art, and embraced in culture, Stavanger - a western coastal town, is a warm-hearted destination when traveling Norway.

Nestled close to Lysefjord, many people enjoy the cruise towards the town's coastal area and Stavanger’s waterfront, which comes alive when the summer sun shines down on the friendly rows of shops and cafes.

As you walk the cobbled streets, splintered with white-wooden houses with ice cream in hand, images of color appear in the most unexpected places. From small art to large murals and, specifically, a painted rainbow street, the art scene in Stavanger is eccentric.

Kjerag’s famous boulder, the Kjerag Bolt, is only 40 minutes away from the city center of Stavanger. And, of course, one for the kids - Kongeparken - western Norway's largest adventure park. Which way is the candy floss?


Start the morning routine from a different perspective!

Preikestolen Hidden Trail Hike

For those who long to venture up the steep traverses and jagged hillside, the famous cliff of Pulpit Rock is within hiking distance. Offering the perfect day trip for avid sightseers and a spectacular adventure with even better photo opportunities, the Preikestolen Hidden Trail hike provides the best of the best of canoeing and hiking with out-of-this-world views of the Lysefjord.Book Preikestolen Hidden Trail Hike

A Cultural Heritage  Oslo


The vibrant Oslo city center

A city of art, history, and intimate nature - Oslo is a constant-developing urban capital that lies on the coast of Norway, laid and nestled at the end of the beautiful Oslofjord.

Nature lovers have plenty to see and do, sprinkled with open sculpture parks and botanical gardens. At the same time, the history fans can choose from an excellent selection of fascinating museums to spend their sunny afternoon.

You can quickly reach either the sea or the mountains from almost anywhere in the city to relax. With temperatures averaging a gentle high of 19°C - 22°C and a calming low of 10°C - 13°C, helmets are strapped, and beach towels are packed to head for either a glorious afternoon biking in the forests or a dip in the fjord to tickle your senses.

You have it all with countless bars, cafes, and nightlife, happily bustling with locals on a city break getaway, and overnight options offering comfortable accommodation!

Scenic Oslofjord Cruise on Modern Hybrid Boat

Why not venture out on the open waters and enjoy marvelous panoramic views of the stunning city. Indulge in Norwegian food and beverages while cruising Hybrid style along the shoreline of the mighty Oslofjord together with your family and friends. There is a proper way to spend an afternoon in the city yet upon the sea.Book Scenic Oslofjord Cruise on Modern Hybrid Boat


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Travel in style around Tromsø's coastline

As one of Norway’s major coastline cities, Tromsø is considered by many to be the Nordic adventure capital of the north

Reaching a high of around nine °C, a low of 3°C, and subsequently joined by the Midnight Sun, there is no reason not to discover unspoiled Arctic nature minutes away from the urban city's cultural history during the summer.

Visit the botanical gardens, relax in one of the many cozy coffee bars and cafés, taste incredible local dishes, sample a museum of your choice, lay on the nearby beaches, meet the seals at Polaria or check out the glass design at Blåst. Or, head out onto the ocean and discover beautiful island paradises such as Sommarøy, Senja and Karlsøy, and other small fishing villages.

From its vibrant city life to its access to Northern Norway’s majestic fjords and fells, Tromsø and its surrounding area will provide you with a front-row seat to extraordinary events. 

Cabin Cruiser 3 Islands Sightseeing

To truly enjoy the coastal views, why not venture out on a private tour to see the beautiful nature, mountains, fjords, and islands surrounding Tromsø?

Book Cabin Cruiser 3 Islands Sightseeing



A place to take part in fjord cruises, zipline, and much more!

Oh, how we love Bergen! And, we’re sure you will too!

As the second-largest city in Norway and once the trading capital between Norway and the rest of Europe, the charming town of Bergen lies on the west coast and displays the perfect getaway to the Fjords of Norway. Also a UNESCO World Heritage City and a European City of Culture, a number one choice to visit when on a summer exploration.

Entertainment is a strong point of this characteristic city. Theatres, exhibitions, festivals, family-friendly events - you name it! If it’s the cause for celebration, it happens here in Bergen.

Local activities are not short of offers also. Fjord cruises, rafting, segway, zip line, treetop courses, horse riding, and fishing occur during the summer months and add to a fantastic holiday.

Enclosed with a glorious set of mountains, 7 to be exact, the city is towered by magnificent hiking and cycling paths, while kayaking provides an alternative view. Taking the Fløibanen funicular or the Ulriken cable car to the top gives you incredible panoramic views with widespread romance.


Enjoy a fabulous day trip from the city of Bergen.

3-in-1 Tour: Bergen City Sightseeing, Mostraumen Fjord Cruise & Fløien Funicular

Start your Bergen experience on a spectacular 27-kilometer-long cruise along Osterfjord, and later explore Bergen's most famous sights, including St. Mary's Church, Bergenhus Fortress, Fish Market, and Bryggen Hanseatic wharf, Mount Fløyen, and more.

Enjoy a ride on the Fløibanen line. 844 m (2,769 ft) long and covering a height of 302 m (991 ft), you will be unbelievable gifted views from one of Norway's most famous tram lines.Book Bergen City Sightseeing, Mostraumen Fjord Cruise & Fløien Funicular

The Southern Norway Archipelago 


Cruise through the paradise of the archipelagos

As Norway’s number one summer spot for locals and travelers, the southern archipelago stretches from the electric capital city in both directions heading east and west. From Kristiansand to Oslo in the West and Oslo to the Swedish border in the East, this area is a paradise waiting to be explored.

This region is dotted with white wooden houses, little boutique shops, quiet fishing villages combined with white sandy beaches, perfect sunbathing rocks, and pristine waters. This region makes for the whirlwind of relaxation you're looking for this summer.

Taking the route along the archipelago coastline, you’ll be greeted by the Norwegian beauty that portrays local, ancient, and cultural Norway in all shapes, sizes, and vibrant colors. 


Perfect for families with small children 

Appreciate the art scene in Kristiansand. Bathe under the summer sun in the famous outdoor pool, feel the warmth of the chalk-white sands beneath your feet, and dive into the past at one of the local museums - ideal for the hard-working families wishing to relax.

Experience seaside bliss at Arendal. Enjoy lighthouse spotting, eccentric water sports in the surrounding oceans, local picnics in the park, and a delightful meal at the harbor - ideally refined for a cozy get-away.

Take a stroll through cobbled streets in Grimstad. Enjoy an islet all to yourself next to the waters or cycle along the coastal path and breathe in the fresh sea breeze. A weekend in Grimstad is sure to enhance any couple's dream summer.

One of our favorites! Step back in time to the fortress town of Fredrikstad and purchase antiques at the local vintage shop, cruise between the picturesque villages and enjoy a romantic BBQ on the soft laid beaches.

Additionally, rent a car and explore the 833 islands of Hvaler, or hire a boat and island-hop your way around this beautiful national park. A photo enthusiast's wonderland!

Svalbard Islands 


an Arctic wilderness paradise with sunshine 24-7

About midway between northern Norway and the north pole, in the middle of the Arctic ocean, you’ll find the wonders of all wonders - the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard.

Stretching from May until August, the world's most northerly towns are beautifully dotted with the summer glow of the warming Midnight Sun, and this we call the Polar Summer.

Did you know that the best time to spot a polar bear in Svalbard is during the summer? That’s right! Boats can easily navigate through the once frozen waters around the archipelago and cover more ground as it starts to melt slowly.

Polar bear in Svalbard

Polar bears are enjoying the Midnight Sun too.

They were also arriving at the shores of Svalbard, a glorious swarm of birds searching for their ideal nesting place. At the same time, ocean waters are filled with a variety of sea creatures inviting walruses, whales, and seals to pose upon the shoreline.

The summer rays of the Midnight Sun also energize both the plant and flora, leaving behind a musty-colored terrain and enhancing a home of short-lived but equally stunning plant life arising in places.

The Midnight Sun may splash a vibrant orange tint onto the perfect background canvas but does not create what some may call the idyllic sunbathing temperature. The temperatures rarely exceed those of 7˚C, and expeditions are relatively dependent on the contrasting weather conditions.

Setting sail in the waters onboard a boat or kayak or venturing on a day-trip hike with the family, this incredible group of islands embedded in the Arctic Circle is a sun-seekers frosted paradise and one that we highly recommend.


Friends Getaway

A perfect weekend getaway for families and friends!

We are delighted to introduce you to the perfect place for an active adventure. Cloaked with the ancient history of the Norse land, Haugesund, situated between Stavanger and Bergen, was once the home of the Viking Kings.

A vibrant town and a rich cultural scene mixed with extreme sports activity give a valid reason as to why to spend a wonderfully sunny holiday in the west.

Did you know that traces of the Viking way of life have been discovered all over the Haugesund region? It allows avid history seekers to marvel at the ancient unknown and couples a chance at a romantic walk around the historic city.

With landmarks like lighthouses, museums, historical sites, and city parks, this beautiful destination is perfect for that city break in a smaller, more quiet town in the most magical coastal spot.


Arendal kayaking

Discover the gifts of Arendal sandy beaches

The country's miniature chocolate factory is in Arendal - Heimdal chocolate, and it is delicious! If that is not enough to visit, we're sure the rest will be.

Arendal and the surrounding archipelago are located in the marine Raet National Park. They are making way for great SUP, paddleboard, swimming, and other phenomenal water activities to do alone or as a family. 

If you don’t fancy getting wet, the local pebbled and sandy beaches are somewhat to die for as the sheer shine from the Midnight Sun gently bakes the earth beneath your feet. Or stroll through the quiet cobbled streets that leave colorful footprints in your path.

Locals enjoy summer romantic walks along with the harbor Pollen, tasty treats at the neighboring cafes, history lessons at Klöckers Hus city museum, projects at the Science Center, and exploring Arendal's old town hall. 

Why not act like a local? 

Nordic Passion and Value

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Happy Norway travels!


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