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A Winter Vacation in The Arctic Region

05. November 2021, 12 min reading time

A phenomenal adventure and an unforgettable experience are two of the best ways to describe a vacation in the Arctic Region.

The Finnish Lapland, Swedish Lapland, and Northern Norway present fantastic scenery enriched with the ending colours of a dimmed rainbow that are later sewn with the snowflakes of a frosted winter. A true authentic slice of your itinerary when travelling to the Arctic Region.

Booknordics.com is delighted to inform you of the many incredible destinations you can experience whilst travelling through the breathtaking section otherwise known as Lapland.


A Priceless Arctic Region Experience

arctic_norwayEnjoy spectacular fjord views in Northern Norway

After the summer has gone and the temperatures drop, the locals come out to play and embrace the changing seasons with delight and opportunity.

What to Expect When Travelling in the Winter

Winter brings a chilly breeze to the air, a slight passion for the wind and vibrantly white backdrops to any Arctic adventure. It is like no other.

Expect the ski slopes to be filled with laughter and excitement as love is shared for the quantity of snow that has arrived. Expect glistening landscapes, thriving activities, bold landmarks, brave wildlife and Arctic weather conditions hand-in-hand.

Admire the breathtaking wintertime with its snow-capped mountains and frosted lakes - a magical and enchanting display of perfection that will indeed leave you speechless. 

We believe that this is one of the best times to embark on a Lapland holiday to fully immerse yourself in the pristine wilderness and awe-inspiring scenery this spell-binding region has on display.

Travel Conditions During the Winter Season


We work with the very best tour operators to arrange the best service

Depending on when you arrive, you may have the opportunity to basque in the last chances to experience the wilderness off the beaten path in what's left of the daylight. 

The arrival of winter is from late October until mid-March. Not only does it bring spectacular scenery but also heavy snowfall in some places and icy conditions that may arrive without warning. This only adds to the excitement and presentation of the Lappish lands.

Avoid disappointment and benefit from one of Booknordics.com finest Lapland holiday adventures. The tour operators do all the planning, preparing and executing of your adventures so that you do not miss out and alternatives are offered in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Packing for the Perfect Lapland Trip


Bring clothes for the winter season and wrap up warm!

Lapland is known for its forever-changing weather conditions and contrasting seasons. A day in the life of the locals will show you that you can never fully prepare for what the weather may bring.

The glorious wintertime has an arctic kick and will invite you to wear layer upon layer to protect yourself from colder temperatures that range from -10 and -18 °C. From late October to early April, the Arctic Region welcomes the winter polar nights and a blast of thick and creamy snow that reflects the sprinkle of Northern Lights when they make an appearance.

You could experience all four seasons in the space of 24 hours and therefore we recommend packing for all occasions. Winter is dramatic yet simply stunning and adds a little excitement to your Lapland itinerary.

Our recommendations for packing for a winter trip:

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Waterproof outer layer and waterproof shoes/hiking boots
  • Wool garments for under layer
  • Thermal layers
  • Hat, scarf and gloves
  • Swimsuit (for that outside Sauna experience)
  • Camera and extra batteries


Can You See The Northern Lights?


The Northern Lights can be seen as early as late August

As winter takes over, Lady Aurora signifies her presence. Clear skies and a wide-open expanse enhances your chance of seeing the aurora. The mighty mountain ranges that dominate the Arctic scenery and the icy lakes that lay still in the wilderness are within an excellent position to witness this first-hand. 

To witness the first known arrival of magic from the Northern Lights is at the top of travellers bucket lists during the winter and Booknordics.com has a grand selection of hand-picked Northern Lights tours to choose from.

Imagine the awe-inspiring frosted blanket lay across the endless towering tundra with the silent hilltops pinpricked with an emerald green spark, a work of art created by nature that you simply cannot experience anywhere else. Sounds incredible right?

Did we mention that the Arctic Region is in fact at a great geological advantage being perfectly placed within the Auroral Zone? Finland, Sweden, and Norway present multiple ways in which you can experience the show amidst the best scenery in the world.


Exceptional Holidays to Lapland

arctic_laplandEnjoy the open expanses of the Lapland wilderness

You cannot go wrong when venturing into the significant charm of Lapland during winter. Offering an abundance of incredible activities for outdoor enthusiasts and eager families amidst the wildlife and picturesque nature, there is an essence of tranquillity in this region. 

Whether you are one for taking flight in the air, discovering the land on foot or 4x4, sailing the ocean top or diving down under, or whether you are a wildlife whisperer - the Arctic Region caters for all and we are thrilled to share the very best of what a winter timeframe has to offer. 

A Christmas in the Arctic Region is not only a distinctive experience but replicates a fairytale wonderland like no other. Listed as the home of Santa Claus with endless snowy tear-dropped tundra, iced mountain tops, acres of freshly laid glittered snow and an abundance of Arctic activities, it creates the most extraordinary vacation.

Trip to Finland, Sweden and Norway


The authentic and breathtaking colours of Aurora Borealis in the Nordics

Aligned like dominoes, the greatest Arctic Region destinations are patiently waiting for your arrival. At Booknordics.com, we are proud of our regions and the distinct elements they have to offer including hidden gems, local hotspots and unforgettable must-sees.

Criss-cross through the mountains on an electrifying snowmobile, hunt for the Northern Lights with your newfound husky companions, feed the reindeer at Santa's home, capture the perfect photograph of your adventure, hideaway in secret locations and indulge in an outside sauna, or simply taste the local traditional cuisine they have on offer.

For adventure inspiration, check out our Top Scenic Adventures in the Arctic Region for cross-border ideas.

Our Booknordics.com Promise To You

We aim to provide you with the best local knowledge and expert adventure tours to enhance your Arctic Region experience. We have hand-selected tour operators offering some of the most unique activities that will blow your mind. We also have dedicated customer service that will assist you with any questions or queries you may have and guarantee your satisfaction is exceeded. So what are you waiting for?

Outdoor enthusiasts will love hiking through the forests and climbing to the top of mountains, romantics will indulge in the outside saunas under the celestial ballet of the nighttime skies, and those who prefer to settle for a calmer and more relaxed experience can roam the forests on a reindeer sled and breathe in the fresh Arctic air the surrounds them.


A Fine Selection of Arctic Tours

Finland, Sweden and Norway await you for your Arctic region vacation.

Booknordics.com offers a unique selection of Nordic tours in dreamlike destinations and we are over the moon to share those with you. If you'd like to discover more information, sign up for our email newsletter.

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