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Top 10 Destinations To Go Dog Sledding In The Nordics

23. March 2021, 18 min reading time

Did you know that Frederick the Great, an 18th-century Prussian king, was the first to coin the popular phrase “dog is man’s best friend”? I’m sure many of you reading this are thinking to yourselves “so, that’s where that came from”. Nonetheless, that phrase sums up man’s relationship with dogs throughout history.  

In the Nordics, dog sledding has a rich history. While it was used as a necessary means of cross-country transportation, it stems from an unspoken sense of unity that the sled dogs have as a pack, led by their human master. The breed of choice for dog sledders have often been Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes and Alaskan Huskies. 

Today, dog sledding is popular amongst families with small children, tourists, outdoor enthusiasts looking for an authentic Nordic adventure and couples looking for an unforgettable romantic weekend getaway adventure. Here are our top 10 destinations for the ultimate dog sledding experience.


Our favourite dog sledding destinations

1. Húsavík, Iceland

Huskies racing through the snow in Husavik, icelandDog sledding dates as far back as 2000 B.C. 

If your idea of a perfect winter vacation requires being miles away from civilization, then Dog Sledding in Húsavík is perfect for you.

Húsavík in Northern Iceland is known for its distinct love for the Icelandic wildlife and vast expanse of natural terrain. 

Capture images of our heart-warmingly charismatic huskies during a once-in-a-lifetime sled ride into the flawless landscapes.

You’ll journey to an unchained husky farm 465 km north of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavík. Here you will be greeted by the excited huskies and embark on a gripping ride, mushing your own dog sled across Iceland’s frozen expanse.

Perfect for couples looking for that romantic, yet exhilarating adventure.

Dog Sledding and Snowmobile Combo


2. Nuuk, Greenland


Huskies eager to go dog sledding

Experience a whole new way of life in Nuuk, the capital and largest city of Greenland.

Pack your bags, bring your loved ones and spend an incredibly peaceful 7 Days Living in Nature as an Inuit.

You’ll embrace the traditions of the local fishermen of Nuuk, as they share their heart-warming Inuk stories surrounding their well-preserved culture. 

Learn about their long and ancient tradition of dog sledding and how bonding with their sled dogs has assisted them with living in the wilderness during the ages. 

In addition to their customs of hunting and fishing and their local North Greenlandic food, you’ll experience their hospitality as you de-stress and live in the moment whilst breathing in the freshest of Greenlandic air.

7 Days Living in Nature as an Inuit


3. Övertorneå, Swedish Lapland


The huskies are always happy to play

Another outstanding Nordic adventure destination, Övertorneå, is situated right on the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden. Among its many attractions, cosy surroundings and immaculate nature is the lovable Husky Tour in the Arctic Region.

A destination rich in emotions and fascinating landscapes makes it a place perfect for couples who are looking for a truly authentic and romantic Nordic adventure. 

You’ll experience the thrill of riding in your own dog sled alongside beautiful Siberian huskies on a glorious expedition through some of Swedish Lapland’s most luxurious scenery.

The Huskies are ready, hyped, and full of joy as they wait patiently to dash over the dazzling frozen lake, through luscious voluminous forests, and over snowy camouflaged fields.

Drawing in star-struck lovers from across the globe, Övertorneå embraces couples whilst also attracting families for an adventurous weekend getaway. 

This is an experience you won’t forget.

Husky Tour In Sweden's Arctic Region


4. Rovaniemi, Finland


Huskies are waiting for you to join them in the Finnish wilderness

With your starting point being the beautiful city of Rovaniemi right in the heart of the village of Santa, a child’s and believers’ dream, you have a choice of two spectacular dog sledding experiences unique to this Finnish administrative capital.

If you are travelling as a family and want to see plenty of excitable huskies and handsome reindeer at the same time, you’ll love the Animal Fun Day with Zoo experience.

Before observing more than 200 different species of Arctic animals on this incredible day trip to the Ranua Wildlife Park, you’ll enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view from the hilltop of Ounasvaara and head home with newfound friends from the day’s delightful reindeer and dog sled ride.

One look at those happy and energetic huskies will have you flooding your social media feeds with pictures of them from the day’s delightful events.

Husky Farm and Reindeer Farm Visits

For those of you looking for a more ‘heart-pounding’ experience, try the hair-raising Half-Day Snow Trail Mushing Safari. 

You’ll encounter the chance to go on an exhilarating 12-hour sled ride where you’ll be driving (or mushing, as they call it) your very own dog sled. 

Feel the cold wind and adrenaline rush as your sled dogs take you on an outstanding 17-kilometre journey through the pristine and unspoiled Finnish wilderness. 

Be sure to dress warmly as your heart pounds to the beat of the huskies feet.

Snow Trail Husky Safari


5. Inari, Saariselkä


The huskies are ready to take to the trails

Are you an adrenaline junkie looking for an experience that offers one of the longest dog sledding experiences? 

In Inari, Finland's largest municipality, another popular resort in the Finnish Lapland, an outstanding 20kms Dog Sledding Safari through the Lappish wilderness in Saariselkä is awaiting your arrival.

Offering breathtaking scenery, Finnish history and pristine wilderness, Inari has much to offer the curious passing traveller.

You’ll be treated to a thrilling dog sled ride drawn by the lovable huskies from the Husky Farm with your chance to mushing the dogs yourself.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the moment as you hear nothing but the crunch of snow and the barks of the huskies.

During the ride, you’ll get a chance to warm yourself up around a cosy campfire while you enjoy a well-deserved lunch and hot beverage in the company of your new furry friends.

Husky Safari from Saariselkä


6. Kittilä, Finnish Lapland


Experience the wonder as you mush your dog sled through the Lappish winter haven

If you’re the kind of tourist that enjoys stepping out of your comfort zone and want to endure the elements, then this high-quality Nordic experience is definitely for you. 

You’ll get the chance to test your will out on the open snow trail as you mush your excited sled dogs through an overwhelmingly stunning 10 km of the unspoiled Finnish wilderness.

Kittilä, located north of the Arctic Circle within the Lapland region, situated 146 km away from Pyhä-Luosto National Park, offers some of the most breathtaking views of the northern Finnish landscape. The 10 km Husky Safari from Levi is the perfect experience for any outdoorsman wishing to fulfil their dreams of sightseeing in pristine Finnish nature.

Finish your adventure by enjoying some hot berry juice by an open fire and chatting with the head musher about these amazing animals and how they became part of an eager dog sledding team.

Husky Safari 10kms, from Levi


7. Tromsø, Norway

dog_sledding_in_tromso_norwayHuskies are perfectly suited for the winter sports weather

As one of the largest cities in northern Norway, Tromsø has everything you need for the perfect winter vacation right by the mesmerizing Norwegian fjords. 

From awe-inspiring natural scenery, rich Norse and Sámi heritage and the breath-taking Northern Lights, there’s always something to do and moments to capture.

Be assured, if you like nature and huskies, the glorious mountains and the Norwegian fjords, you’ll love this wonderful Tromsø’s Husky Safari

Located just 40 minutes outside of Tromsø, this entertaining husky farm offers an amazing view of the Lyngen Alps, the chance to mush your own dog sled through the wilderness of Breivikeidet valley, and 120 happy and excitable huskies ready to make your acquaintance.

Husky Safari

husky nordlys 2 dramatic edited-1

  Combine the magic of the northern lights with dog sledding

You can also combine the unforgettable encounter of mushing your own dog sled and the awe-inspiring Northern Lights with a spectacular Dog Sledding adventure under the Northern Lights

You’ll journey to Camp Tamok, 75 minutes outside of Tromsø, where you’ll get to mush your own dog sled through a mesmerizing 12 km of Norwegian wilderness, all while taking the chance to witness the dazzling Northern Lights set fire to the sky.

On top of all that adventure, you’ll also be treated to a hot meal around a freshly lit campfire. This truly is the ultimate Nordic adventure.

Dog Sledding Evening


8. Moen, Troms


Enjoy a summer dog sled ride in Norway

Did you know you can experience dog sledding in the summer? That’s right, in the summer. Believe it or not, you can. 

In the northern Norwegian town of Moen, you can enjoy the locals' favourite activity with a twist - explore the mystical Arctic nature on wheels during the summer. Combining traditional husky-drawn dog sledding with the adrenaline-rush of an off-road drive. 

Whether you’re mushing the sled or relaxing in it, satisfied with the surrounding views, your excitement will not fade. Enjoy the summer sun on your face as your sled dogs drag your sled through the untouched Norwegian forests and naturally laid terrain. You’ll feel like a local in seconds.

Who needs snow anyway?

Dog Sledding on Wheels


9. Bardufoss, Norway


A sled dog taking a well-deserved break

At the heart of traditional dog sledding is the deep relationship between the musher and their sled dogs. A unique dog sledding experience in Bardufoss will let you experience this remarkable connection firsthand.

Bardufoss is a small town with easy access to beautiful pine forests, located near the wild meandering Malselv river and is close to the Dividalen National Park.

On this remarkable experience, you’ll bond with your sled dogs as you traverse the snow-covered Norwegian landscape whilst also enjoying the beauty of an arctic winter. 

What better way to become best friends with our incredible huskies?

Dog Sledding in Bardufoss


10. Kirkenes, Eastern Finnmark

husky snow

Dog sledding has always been part of the Greenlandic culture

Situated near Norway’s border with Russia, Kirkenes is a northern Norwegian town with a rich history and spectacular scenery. No matter the season, you’ll always find something to do here.

If you’re looking for an epic winter vacation with your family and friends, try out Booknordics.coms´ ultimate favourite; the two-hour mushing safari by total dog power.

You’ll have the opportunity to mush your own dog sled across the unspoiled Norwegian tundra. Along the way, you’ll also get the chance to bond with your lovable sled dogs and create unique, unforgettable experiences. 

All in all, you’ll experience the true essence of a Norwegian winter vacation whilst making new furry friends.


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