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Top 7 Romantic Getaways in the Nordics for Valentine's Day

07. February 2022, 11 min reading time

Hmm..Love is in the Nordic Air.

Get inspired by the Nordic theory of love that reflects independence, freedom, and nature. Experience true romance and expand your horizons while venturing into the Nordics' stunning and picturesque nature. With abundant activities and fascinating historical culture, What better way to show your loved ones how much they mean to you than a romantic getaway overlooking nature, relaxing under the Northern lights, and cozying up in a beautiful cabin?

Upgrade your date night plans with our insider tips on where to travel in the Nordics for Valentine's this 2023. 

Rovaniemi, Finland

1. Experience Lakeside Sauna under the Northern Lights


Enjoy a traditional Finnish sauna experience under the Northern Lights.

On this fantastic romantic adventure, you will arrive in the middle of the peaceful Lappish forest, where the traditional firewood sauna is heated and ready for you. After a traditional cooldown of dipping in the icy lake or rolling in the surrounding snow, you will sit around the open fire and make a delicious barbecue with pork sausages and blueberry tea while watching the Northern Lights greet you from above.

Book Lakeside Sauna Experience with Aurora Borealis

2. Visit the Arctic Snowcastle and Dine in the Romantic Ice Restaurant


Explore the nature of snow and ice

Bring your special someone to explore the Ice hotel rooms with spectacular decorations, a gleaming ice chapel, and the largest ice restaurant in Rovaniemi. At the end of your visit, dine with the most delicious food in the Arctic, including Arctic salmon, Elk meat, or a vegetarian option.

A romantics dream. Book Arctic Snowcastle

Tromsø, Norway

3. Stay Overnight in the Crystal Lavvu with Snowmobiling & Northern Lights

Crystal Lavvu

Create memories under the glow of Aurora Borealis this Valentines

Enjoy the winter scenic landscapes and ride a snowmobile along the scenic Lyngen fjords and alps, a mountain range in the northeastern county of Norway.

Get comfortable, relax and prepare for the night in a private glass-roofed Crystal Lavvu in the Lyngen Alps before venturing into the wilderness on an exclusive Northern Lights chase.

This tour includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner while providing you with the necessary equipment to enjoy all the icy activities.Book Overnight Crystal Lavvu Stay + Adventures

Alta, Norway

4. Ride a Sleigh Under the Northern Lights


Lay back and relax with a cosy Horse-sleigh ride this Valentines

On this magical northern adventure, you’ll meet the friendly and famous Norwegian Fjord Horse, who will pull you gracefully through the frosted forest and along the dreamy Alta River.

During the evening, cozy up closely in the northern wilderness and enjoy a light dinner served around a freshly-lit fire while you listen to the local stories of ancient beliefs and culture.

If you’re lucky, you may even be greeted by our northern friend, the Northern Lights. A perfect ending to a romantic evening.Book Sleigh Ride Under the Northern Lights


Kirkenes, Norway

5. Do a Winter King Crab Excursion


Feast on the biggest shellfish in the north

Adventure couples, this is for you!

Join your experienced fishermen on this fantastic adventure to test your fishing skills and catch the biggest shellfish in the north! After pulling the crab pods out of the deep waters through a hole in the ice, your journey will commence at a traditional rustic farmhouse restaurant by the fjord.

Get ready to enjoy a freshly prepared King Crab meal served especially for you!Book Winter King Crab Excursion

Reykjavík, Iceland

6. Explore the Golden Circle & Unwind with a Fontana Wellness Tour


Explore Iceland's most famous landmarks and relax your muscles after the day

Enlighten your Valentine's Day by exploring the Golden Circle route with three of Iceland’s famous highlights - Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir geothermal area, and Thingvellir National Park, before arriving at the natural Fontana Steam Baths. At the end of your trip, relax with various hot tubs and steam baths naturally heated by the Icelandic hot springs.Book Golden Circle & Fontana Wellness Tour

7. Have a Quirky Bjórböðin Beer Baths


Relaxation with a twist - a beer bath twist

Want to try something entirely unique yet relaxing? Then beer bathing is our recommendation!

We invite you to northern Iceland’s quirky spa retreat, where you can soak the stress away of everyday life by relaxing in a bath of warm beer with your companion.

Did you know a beer bath is where you bathe in young beer, live beer yeast, hops, water, beer oil and beer salt? This unique way of bathing has an extremely powerful and positive effect on the body and skin, specifically cleansing and enlightening your health.

Why not indulge in a cold beer beverage while bathing in the warmed beer? A truly memorable experience.Book Bjórböðin Beer Baths


Experiences Bring People Closer Together

Give the gift of a beautiful experience to those you love this Valentine's Day, and book one of our exceptional experiences today. Or, if you are unsure where and how to start, let us help you find your  perfect romantic getaway. 

Call us at +47 950 23 999 or email us at help@booknordics.com



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