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8+1 Ways to Experience the Northern Lights in Norway

22. April 2021, 16 min reading time

Norway offers the most astonishing Nordic adventures to revel in the Northern Lights, making it the most popular destination choice for all sight seekers to escape to another realm.

Also known to travellers as Lapland, Northern Norway is situated well within the Auroral Oval. This makes it a prime destination that allows for many spectacular opportunities to witness the magic of the Aurora Borealis. 


The Northern Light Zone and Forecast


Take a break and visit the Northern Lights in Norway

From as far north as Alta, Tromso, Kirkenes and Bodø to name a few, Northern Norway is a Northern Lights feast during the months of September through March and even a touch of April. Unlike Norway’s most southern regions where a glimpse of the Northern Lights is not unheard of but is particularly rare.

Whilst travelling the frosted northern region, it is wise to download the local aurora forecast app to help inform you of the current possibilities of sighting the mythical skies. Be sure to check our Introduction to the Northern Lights blog for more top-quality tips and information.

Be prepared to leave behind big cities, bypass subtle-small fishing villages and enter luscious landscapes while being inspired by the tales from the Norwegian locals - welcome to Northern Norway.

Marvellous Activities in Tromsø

Known as the gateway to the Arctic, Tromsø is surrounded by steep mountains and breathtaking fjords and is beautifully connected to mainland Norway by bridges.

1. Enjoy the Gifts of a Luxury Yacht 


Ready to pamper yourself in a five-star holiday? 

Would you like to be an Arctic Royal for the evening?

Then look no further! Hop aboard the Arctic Queen luxury Yacht and sail into the blissful horizon in the search of Aurora Borealis in Tromsø.

Unwind in the warm saloon as you enjoy hot fish soup and explore the Northern Lights from a different perspective. Featuring the best view of the ocean, you can capture the perfect image of the Green Lady from the Yacht’s fabulous flybridge.

An intimate and secluded experience for the love-struck-lovebirds ready to pamper their senses.

Northern Lights Cruise


2. Sled with Family-oriented Reindeers


What else could be more Nordic than a reindeer sleigh ride?

If you wish to experience true Sami culture during your time in Northern Norway, a Reindeer Sledding experience from Tromso and under the bouncing Northern Lights is perfect for you.

This fascinating cultural adventure includes reindeer sledding, an introduction to lasso throwing, storytelling about the Sami culture and feeding the friendly reindeer.

Best for cuddling up in a wooden sleigh, allowing these glorious animals to pull you gently along the shimmering snow, while the Northern Lights brighten your path. 

Learn more about Santa’s Reindeer from the Sami herders as you indulge in a tasty camp dinner and enjoy the opportunity to bask in the local knowledge under the lamps of the Northern Lights.

Are you ready to travel through Tromso’s landscapes the traditional way?

Reindeer Sledding Evening


3. Chase with Bonfire


Discover the local hidden gems of Tromsø
- You will be surprised! 

The Tromso locals are known for their genuine North Norwegian hospitality and we are thrilled to point you in their direction!

Accompanied by our trusty tour operators to enlighten you with local knowledge, you will chase the explosion of green butterflies through rugged terrain and over snowy landscapes, whilst warmed from the comfort of the inside.

Once the perfect spot has been found, you will be served delicious hot drinks and a slice of homemade cake underneath the glowing spectacle and around the warmth of a freshly lit campfire. Also, did we already mention the local Tromso charm?

A wonderful relaxing evening with the family well spent!

Chase with Local Charm


4. Enjoy Our First-rate Aurora Dinner 


Cheers to Lady Aurora!

Two Arctic phenomena in one, perfect for the romantics among us.

Sailing through the arctic fjords of Tromso, onboard a silent hybrid-electric boat, while having the chance to see the Northern Lights, is an expedition one should not miss.

You may ask yourself why the Northern Lights are worth seeing from the ocean? For us, it's simple.

While the lights illuminate the sky above you, their beauty reflects upon the ocean beneath you. In theory, surrounding you in a bubble of electric colours, reaching out to hold your hand.

Accompanied by a professional crew who tell you all the secrets of your surroundings, a stunning 3-course meal of homemade, locally sourced, seasonal, and fresh ingredients, your journey through the Fjords will be an unforgettable, memorable experience. 

Aurora Dinner Cruise


Maximise Your Nordic Adventure in Bodø

The beautiful mixture of Bodø’s high mountains, piercing peaks, deep flowing fjords, and exemplary nature, is enough to take anyone's breath away.

5. Marvellous Nordic Adventure with an E-bike


Just hop on and ride!

Are you interested in trying something a little different? 

Travel from Bodø by ebike, through local Norwegian village areas and across gravel roads until you reach the bottom of the climb up to peak Keiservarden. 

Your fabulous eBike is designed to give you that little extra push on the way up, taking the pressure off the body. However, at 360m high and a lengthy 4.5km ride until the peak, we are sure it will have your adrenaline pumping for the well anticipated and breathtaking surroundings of your adventure. 

With panoramic views of the beautiful Bodø once you reach the top of the summit, what more could you wish for when hunting the Northern Lights?

For all those adventurers, we promise it's worth it.

Guided eBike Tour



6. Let´s Have Fun with the Huskies


Dare to dart across the frozen fjords?

Those wishing for an adventure with a little natural speed may opt for the lightning bolt - the husky of the north. Our eager friends and their dedicated dog mushers in Øverbygd await, ready to guide you through pristine Nordic nature. 

Dart across frozen Fjords who work wonders beneath you and into the perfect surroundings of the Øverbygd mountainous arctic landscapes on a search for the Northern Lights. Relax at the end, inside a reindeer herder’s tent with the warmth of the campfire and enjoy a tasty traditional hot meal.

We recommend sharing the experience with your loved one and seeing who is the best musher of the evening as you become a team with your newfound husky friends. 

Imagine gliding peacefully, breathing in the invisible crisp taste of euphoria, and hearing only the snow crunching beneath you from the slicing of the sleigh.

Oh, and the occasional howl.

Dog Sledding Evening


A Unique Outdoor Experience at Kirkenes

As far away from the city lights and the hustle and bustle you can get - Kirkenes offers that unique, genuine, arctic experience of being outdoors.

7. Beep-Beep on an Aurora Express Bus


Venture on an unforgettable holiday with your family or friends!

Venture out into the wilderness and deep into the pristine Arctic nature of Kirkenes, Northern Norway in search of the electric Northern Lights.

From Kirkenes, head east towards the Russian border, west toward Finland, or south into the Pasvik valley, depending on the weather forecast, and explore the untouched Nordic landscapes along the way.

Dusted with a sprinkle of the Northern Lights, this is an impeccable choice for the newlyweds wishing to celebrate or the romantic partners looking for the perfect place for an intimate proposal. 

Aurora Express Bus Safari


Refresh and Retreat in Alta

Alta, situated just south of the North Cape, is the northernmost tip of the European continent. It possesses the right climate, crystal clear skies and excellent Nordic adventures to fulfil any travellers wishes.

8. Hop on a Norwegian Fjord Horse

Ready for a ride?

The Norwegian Fjord Horse, a breed that is sturdy and patient, is an ideal way to travel slowly through Nordic nature as you cuddle up and enjoy the crisp air and surrounding forest views in search of the Northern Lights.

Guided underneath the lightning sky along the Alta River and towards the wilderness shelter, you will be overjoyed with local and historical stories while you sit comfortably around the golden fire.

Indulge in a light homemade dinner and make new friends as you watch the sky come alive with the blissful colours of the Alta evening.

Riding by horse-sleigh will have you instantly feeling like a local.

Sleigh Ride Under the Northern Lights


Venture a Combo Tour to Maximise Your Nordic Adventure

8 + 1 The Ultimate North Cape Aurora Adventure


Imagine a view with champagne and ceremony
- Your adventure awaits! 

A Booknordics.com favourite and a true gem, this tour is an ultimate explorers adventure to the Northernmost part of Europe - the Nord Cape.

Embark on a whirlwind of snowmobile thrills that include a selection of glorious activities along the way, adding sweet pleasure to your trip. Let the adrenaline keep you off your toes as you curl your fingers over the handles.

Dart through snowy scenery and frosted fjords, try ice-fishing in the open lakes, loosen up in an outdoor jacuzzi and enjoy a champagne ceremony at the Nord Cape - your final destination.

Dedicated to giving you a once-in-a-lifetime experience, the local guides will be with you throughout your 3-day expedition as you drive over 160km on the snowmobiles on just the first day!

Even the Green Lady herself will be impressed by how far you’ve come to witness her mystical display.

North Cape Adventure


Scenic Adventures and a Northern Light Photo Guide

We know that there are many excellent adventures in Northern Norway to choose from. We hope our article has helped you to choose the right tour to glimpse the wanted Northern Lights.

We understand that bringing home photographic memorabilia will be of high importance and so we recommend checking out our Northern Lights photo guide on how to capture the most spectacular moments.

If you need any further assistance, please contact Booknordics.com for more information. We will do our very best to accommodate you.

Happy travels on your Northern Norway adventure!

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