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Booknordics.com's Travelling Tips for 2022

17. December 2021, 13 min reading time

The last two years have been a whirlwind of mixed emotions, changed travel arrangements, and new rules and regulations due to the ongoing pandemic.

You may be feeling anxious or even curious about what travelling will be like in the future. We hear you. And, with our travelling tips, we want to change that into excitement!


Choose What's Best For You


Know that you are in safe hands

Whether you want to avoid the crowds, travel in the off-season, take a private tour, or simply know that your health and safety are the number one priority - you have come to the right place.

To help you enjoy your adventures, holidays, and experiences more than ever before, we have compiled our best travel tips for 2022.

1. Do a little research and plan ahead

Planning is an essential factor for any Nordic adventure in 2022.

Research of the location, famous landmarks, transportation options, weather forecasts, restaurants, attractions, and more is advisable. The more you plan, the more you save on energy, time and money to enjoy those fantastic adventures ahead of you.

At Booknordics.com, we have done the research for you to enjoy! You will find all the available adventures, accommodations, and detailed blogs featuring all the information you need to plan and execute the perfect itinerary.

2. Book in advance and note the cancellation policy

Many tour operators have launched cancellation policies that reflect the current situation. Booking ahead with the reassurance that your holiday is protected through the good and the not so good, offers you the peace of mind you need for enthusiastic travel.

You will find the tour operators cancellation policy written on every Booknordics.com adventure. Be sure to familiarise yourself with these policies and know that you are in good hands.

3. Change your ‘normal’ routine in peak season


Enjoy the tranquillity of heading to your chosen spot during the night

Adaptation will be a key success factor in your upcoming itinerary. As many tourist areas can be quite crowded during peak times, it is an advantage to adjust your schedule to optimise your experience. Consider the following:

  • Start your adventure before others and be one of the first to arrive
  • For locations that are popular during sunrise, consider going at sunset and vice versa
  • Explore during popular mealtimes (breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.) to avoid the crowds
  • Travel on the weekdays to avoid the weekend hustle

If you travel during summertime in the Nordics, the Midnight Sun highlights the landscapes with a glorious orange back beam of light and creates all kinds of opportunities to travel through the day and even the night. The sun simply does not set and adds hours upon hours of adventure availability.

Travel through the winter and your adventure may be met by the dazzling Northern Lights. To see the natural phenomena in action, venturing out to untouched areas is the best way to accomplish this. By being booked on a Booknordics.com adventure, you’re unlikely to meet many other tourists in the exact same place. Our trusty tour operators will have done the research to find you the best-secluded place in the wilderness.

4. Travel outside the peak season

Travelling during the off-peak season can be both effective and stress-free. Not only is it the quietest time to travel but it can also be less expensive. In 2022, if you want to avoid crowds, consider this option.

This does not mean that your itinerary will be any less spectacular. In fact, quite the opposite. Regardless of where you decide to travel in the Nordic countries and which adventures you choose to embark on, our dedicated tour operators work simultaneously with the weather conditions to ensure you have the adventure of a lifetime.

5. Explore like a local


Enjoy the Midnight Sun and feel like a local in seconds

As the saying goes, ‘go where the locals go.’

Many spectacular adventures and lesser-known areas in the Nordics are some of the best places to visit. Why not swap the most popular landmarks for the more remote and off-the-beaten-track areas? 

The Nordics are known for their stunning nature, areas of lush greenery, and open landscapes. You are not out of options choosing this route. Try hiking in the vast wilderness, climbing a glacier, kayaking across the open waters, or camping in the forests. You can experience the authentic nature of the Nordics from all corners - the list of adventures is endless.

Alternatively, you could look into renting a car if you have plenty of time to explore. This option allows very little exposure to crowds and allows an incredible opportunity to explore new regions, adventures, and attractions at your own pace.

6. Check local calendars and look out for special events


Use the busy city times to venture out into the wilderness

If you’re thinking of travelling during a specific Nordic holiday or for a special event, it is best to research the local calendars associated with your Nordic travel area. 

Each Nordic country has different public holidays, vacation days, and religious dates that may need to be considered when aiming to avoid the festivities. This is the perfect opportunity to embark on a Booknordics.com adventure away from the busy city life and crowded areas to enjoy the peacefulness of its vast landscapes.

7. Walk, hike, or hire a bike


Hike in all weather conditions for incredible views

Being outdoors and embracing nature is a very common adventure activity in the Nordics. 

As a means of transportation, on foot or riding a bike are both excellent ways to avoid traffic, witness the hidden gems, reduce your environmental footprint, and improve your health. It's a win-win.

With so many amazing trails in the Nordics and destinations unreachable unless on foot, you are certainly spoilt for choice. Hike the Highlands in Iceland, ride an eBike through the forests in Finland, stretch your legs in the fjords in Norway, or camp out in the forests in Sweden. They are waiting to be explored.

8. Hire a private guide


Let a private guide show you to the best places with your small group

If you want your own personal touch to your Nordic adventure, then this option is for you!

A private guide plans the trip to cater to your chosen needs and tastes. If you want to be whisked away to places you may have never known to look and keep your group intimately small, there is no better way than with a private guide.

Available across the Nordics, and with a magnitude of options to choose from, Booknordics.com is ready to provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

And of course, you'd make a new Nordic friend!

9. Book wilderness accommodation in quiet spaces

When looking into accommodation, consider booking an authentic wilderness stay designed to enlighten your mind and experience the pristine nature of the Nordics. 

From frosted hotels made of ice, Northern Lights viewing glass igloos, Norwegian holiday cabins, comfortable hotels, and unique treetop accommodation, you have everything you need to spend the night in Nordic nature.

All accommodation displayed on Booknordics.com has implemented health and safety protocols to keep your chosen overnight stay as clean and comfortable as possible.

10. Stay up to date with Covid-19 regulations


We understand that the current situation and constant changes in the rules may be confusing to travellers.

To make it as easy and accessible as possible, Booknordics.com has provided the Latest Travel Restrictions in Nordic countries to help you find the information you need quickly and efficiently.

Our Guide to Safe Travel in the Nordics will also reassure you of the policies and procedures in place by our tour operators to help you travel efficiently in 2022.


Prepare for 2022

Dedicated to ensuring you feel optimistic about travelling in 2022, we hope our travelling tips have provided you with ideas to consider when booking your adventure.

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