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Discover the Northern Lights in Sweden

12. August 2021, 12 min reading time

Crystal-clear skies, a deep expanse of unspoiled land and breathtaking landscapes make Sweden the perfect destination to witness the magnificent Northern Lights.

Embedded perfectly in the Auroral Oval and situated in prime position to witness the flare of the sky, travellers can sit back and relax in the magical wilderness of the Swedish Lapland or embark on a thrilling Nordic adventure to see the Northern Lights in Sweden.

If you’re looking for the perfect Arctic winter vacation and want to be left speechless, then planning to see the Northern Lights in Sweden will provide you with memories that last a lifetime and photographs beyond your wildest imagination.

We have some excellent ways for you to enjoy the greatest light show seen from earth in one of the best destinations in the world. What are you waiting for?


What are the Northern Lights?


Charged particles from the sun interact with the earth to display magnificent dancing colours

The Northern Lights, otherwise known as the Aurora Borealis, are a scientific phenomenon that happens naturally when electrically charged particles from the sun collide and interact with our earth’s atmosphere. Upon reaction, they display an array of colours that simultaneously dance across the sky, enlightening the region within the Arctic Circle.

The different colours depend on the kind of gas particles involved. Low-lying oxygen particles are most common and illuminate green; the higher-level oxygen particles will ignite a red stream and the blueish-purple hue is formed from nitrogen particles. 

Our otherworldly region of the Swedish Lapland is one of the most spectacular destinations to witness this colourful scientific phenomenon and the reason why we're loving sharing the choice of available adventures with you.

Did you know that Galileo named the lights - the Aurora Borealis? Borealis comes from the Greek word for the ‘north wind’. Read Booknordics' Introduction to the Northern Lights to discover more wonderful elements surrounding Lady Aurora.


Where are the Northern Lights in Sweden?


Experience an array of multicolours across the sky

The large expanse of land in the northwest corner of Sweden covers nearly a quarter of the country. This particular region known as the Swedish Lapland is voted one of the best places to see the Northern Lights in the world.

Known for its crystal-clear polar night sky, less to nothing light pollution and out of this world landscapes, northern Sweden beats all expectations on a wintery adventure.

Its distinctive destinations such as Kiruna, Abisko National Park, Luleå, Jukkasjärvi and Porjus to name a few, offer travellers the chance to witness an auroral masterpiece that dances across the sky like a ballerina into the night.

Note that although infrequent, it is not unheard of that the Northern Lights flutter above the country's capital, Stockholm and gift the locals a display across their home.


When can I see the Northern Lights?


Did you know the Northern Lights are always present but not always visible?

When the nights grow darker and the skies are clear, your chances of seeing the aurora come out to play are much greater. Our Swedish Lapland region offers remarkable wilderness and some of the clearest skies in the Nordics.

Winter in northern Sweden is sprinkled with the magic of the lights from September through March, decorating your vacation backdrop with immense scenery. 

Theoretically, as long as the sky darkens at night time and there is solar activity, you can see the magnificent aurora on any given night - sometimes as early as August and as late as April.

During these wintery months, we recommend packing those essentials that will keep you warm during the hours spent outside searching for the Northern Lights. Pack extra batteries and set your camera to the right settings - you won't want to miss a thing when the Green Lady makes an appearance. You can see our Northern Lights Photography Guide that will help you capture the perfect shot.


Experience the Northern Lights in Sweden



The Longest Northern Lights Tour Abisko/Kiruna


Learn all about the history of the Northern Lights

Have you ever wanted to experience the Northern Lights in an otherworldly setting, learn all about the land's history and taste the local delicacies? Well now is your chance with the longest Northern Lights tours in Sweden!

Did you know that Abisko National Park is one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights due to its blue hole and microclimate? This is why we love the Swedish Lapland! This fantastic tour will take you to the heart of Abisko National Park or even further if required, to guarantee your viewing of the Aurora Borealis is nothing short of spectacular.

Enjoy a Lappish BBQ dinner in a Sami tent or cosy wooden cabin before you set off on your adventure with our local guide who is excited to tell you all about the Northern Lights and the history of the Vikings!

If you’re staying in Kiruna, you can be picked up from here or start your journey from Abisko.

The Longest Northern Lights Tour AbiskoThe Longest Northern Lights Tour Kiruna


Adventure Stays to ignite your vacation

Abisko STF Mountain Station


Enjoy hikes through breathtaking nature in Abisko National Park

In the mountain region of northern Lapland lies Abisko National Park, a breathtakingly beautiful mountainous region 200km north of the Arctic Circle. For over 100 years, locals and travellers have ventured here for its crystal-clear skies and excellent sightings of Aurora Borealis.

Today you can stay in the Abisko comfortable rooms at the STF Mountain Sation which has one of the best kitchens in the Swedish mountain world!

Not only that, Booknordics.com's favourites are the easy access to the famous King’s Trail hike along with several other marked trails suitable for day hikes; the wood-heated sauna by the shore of lake Torneträsk that is available for rental; and the fabulous chair lift on fjäll Nuolja that takes you up to the famous Aurora Sky Station for outstanding viewings of the Northern Lights.

Did you know that the chair lift has also won Swedish Lapland’s award - ‘Innovation of the year 2015’? Could we pick a better place to stay?

Abisko STF Mountain Station

Arthotel Tornedalen

At the Arthotel, you have the chance to experience the greatness of Arctic country life and the hospitality of someone’s home deep in the Swedish wilderness. A chance to enjoy the crisp-white snow blanket on the forest floor while the Northern Lights brighten the polar starry skies.

Arthotel Tornedalen is a set of fully renovated country houses from the 20th century, typically built with one-and-a-half floors and still displays the name of the family that built it years ago and made it their home.

Scandinavian design is everywhere and you can really feel the art and craft of each house. With some beautifully located on the bank of the Torne river with an amazing view across to Finland, an architect-designed lookout tower and a private chef for those romantic and cosy meals with friends and loved ones - what’s not to love about this Arthotel?

Arthotel Tornedalen



Stay in quirky accommodation in the Swedish wilderness

Have you ever wanted to stay in a unique setting surrounded by views of the open sky and where only whispers can be heard? We are thrilled to share that you can here in Harads in Swedish Lapland!

Enjoy staying in a selection of different tree rooms such as The UFO, The Blue Cone, The Mirrorcube, The Bird's Nest, The Cabin and The 7th Room, all unique creations by some of Scandinavia’s leading architects.

Choose to have room service delivered to your own treehouse while enjoying each others company or dine at Britta’s guesthouse, a genuine Swedish setting from the 1930s-1950s, perfect to catch up with loved ones.

The modern design combined with the harmony and distinct nature of the forest creates a sense of luxurious rejuvenation. A perfect romantic weekend getaway underneath the dazzling sky while Aurora Borealis whistles from above.



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