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The Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway and All You Need to Know

01. November 2021, 15 min reading time

Nothing quite compares to the magnificence of the ocean and nowhere gets you as close to the roaring waves and the smell of Arctic salt as does the breathtaking Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway.

Translated from Atlanterhavsvegen/Atlanterhavsveien, the combination of spectacular natural surroundings featuring modern engineering is a sight to behold and worth seeing one thousand times over. 

The Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway takes you on a journey through moorland, cultural landscapes, picturesque bays, and dotted islands that guarantee this scenic roller-coaster roadway will fulfil fantasies and make dreams come true.

We have combined the data, the must-see road stops and all the extra information for you to embark on an Arctic adventure that gives you a sense of belonging as you hover above the ocean top, close enough to hear the waves whispering.


About the Atlantic Ocean Road


Walk the beautiful Atlantic Ocean Road

Norway has been known for its large and profitable fishing industry for quite some time. History suggests that local fishermen needed a better route to support their trade and exports and this is how the idea of the Atlantic Road came to. The Norwegian government had originally intended to build the road as a railroad but after much consideration, they realised it would not be possible given the challenges it presented.

A plan was finalized in the 1970s to connect the many dotted islands and islets to the mainland. It was not until 1989 that the road was finally completed and officially opened, after six years of construction and 12 dramatic storms.

Did you know that the construction cost 122 million kroner? That is the equivalent of 13 million US dollars or 11 million euros! In the first ten years, the government introduced a toll fee until 25% of the original cost was reimbursed, after which the toll fee was removed.


Enjoy the frosted mountain backdrop

Across the entire scenic stretch from Bud to Kårvåg, the Atlantic Coastal Road stretches 36 km in length. Known as the National Tourist Route, it is one continuous experience packed with coastal scenery, culture and history.

With a width of 6.5 meters and a maximum gradient of 8%, we guarantee that the adrenaline in your stomach will say it’s much more! Here are some facts for you to enjoy about the bridges of the Atlantic Ocean Road:

  • Little Lauvholmen bridge: 115 meters long and 7 meters above sea level.
  • Store Lauvøysund bridge: 52 meters long and 3 meters above sea level.
  • Geitøysund bridge: 52 meters long and 6 meters above sea level.
  • Storseisundet bridge: 260 meters long and 23 meters above sea level.
  • Hulvågen bridge: 293 meters long and 4 meters above sea level.
  • Vevangstraumen bridge: 19 meters long and 10 meters above sea level.

This brilliant construction has been awarded titles such as the most beautiful drive in the world, the finest car journey and the most beautiful bike ride. At Booknordics.com we can understand why!


The Many Ways to Arrive at Atlanterhavsveien


Travel in style

Situated on Norway’s beautiful Atlantic coastline and full of magnificent scenery, the scenic National Tourist Route connects the towns of Kristiansund and Molde, the two main cities in the county of Møre og Romsdal. 

You have different options on how to get there and Booknordics.com can tell you how.

Travel by car

Follow RV64. From Kristiansund, you will drive through the Atlantic Tunnel to Averøya and follow the signs to Molde. From Molde, follow RV64 to Bud. Look for the signs for the Atlantic Road and you’re on the right path. Car hire in the Arctic Region is easy with Booknordics.com, book your AVIS car today.

Travel by air

The nearest airports are Molde (MOL) and Kristiansund (KSU) - you can take public transport from both airports, private taxi or pre-arrange your car for your arrival.

Travel by sea

Hurtigruten Cruise Line offers port stops near Atlanterhavsveien on their luxury itineraries. Their nearest port of call along this stretch is in Molde. This will give you some precious time to venture along the coastal stretch and take in the diverse landscapes.

Travelling from Trondheim? From here you also have an ocean option. Take the Coastal Express to Kristiansund and start your incredible journey.

Travel by public transport

Travel via the Rauma Line to the nearest train station, Åndalsnes. From here, you can take a bus to Kristiansund. It’s as easy as that.

We thought the GPS starting points would help:

  1. Bud - 62.912014, 6.925249 
  2. Kårvåg - 63.011625, 7.425009


Where to Stop Along the Way


Stop at one of the viewpoints along your journey

You'll be surprised to know that there is more than meets the eye to this concrete masterpiece. Activities and scenic stops line the coastline so there is never a shortage of adventures to enhance your journey. 

With some of the best spots to experience hiking, jogging, bicycling, rowing, paddling, diving and last but not least, fishing, all these fantastic adventures take place at stops along this road and are suitable for all the family. Keep your eyes open for the diverse bird and maritime wildlife that roam the Atlantic Ocean shores.

It is believed that winter is a great time to visit the National Tourist Route as the weather contributes to the amazement. A rare beam of skylight shine can highlight your view and in a split second, a wave can greet you happily from the oceanside. It brings a stronger force and a thrill of excitement as you dodge the waves that overtake the road while driving across.


Places to Visit Along The Atlantic Ocean Road


Admire the crashing waves whilst walking along the coastline

  • Geitøya: This area provides glorious panoramic views of the archipelago and short walks to hilltops and down to the water. There is also a small fishing spot under the Geitøy bridge. You are also able to take taxi boats and cross over to the fishing village of Håholmen, now a hotel open all year round.

  • Eldhusøya: This area is home to a scenic elevated hiking path that is an easy round trip for all. If you’re hungry, stop at the longest resting place to refuel before venturing forward.

  • Storseisundbrua: is the longest bridge on the Atlantic Road and is seen as the symbol that brings visitors. It is 260 meters (853 ft) long and connects Eide to Averøy island. The constructor of the bridge was Johs Holt AS.

  • Myrbærholmbrua: Stop here to fish from specially built fishing walkways on either side of this bridge. During strong currents, you can catch cod, pollock, mackerel and coalfish.

  • Hågå: Here you will find a marble sculpture created by an artist named Jan Freuchan - his work of art is called Coumna Transatlantica or translated means Transatlantic Column. The white columnar shape can be seen along the coastal rock, in between the small hills, and has an association to the Midgard Serpent - a sea serpent of Norse Mythology. Perfect for history lovers.

  • Farstadsanden: Home to Farstadbukta bay area, a protected nature reserve with rich bird and plant life and characteristic sand dunes. Nordneset Lighthouse is a simple 2.5 km walk from the beach and is a family fun activity in all weathers.

  • Askevågen: Stop here for a 360-degree view of the ocean, the archipelago, and the mountain backdrop. The viewpoint has glass walls that protect you against the weather and ocean spray, perfect for winter. Remember to bring your camera!

  • Kjeksa: A magnificent viewpoint near the fishing village Bud that includes Hustadvika bay, one of Norway’s most infamous stretches of sea. Steps lead down to the ocean so you can try your luck for your catch of the day.


The Most Scenic Fjords


Be mesmerized by the surrounding scenery

Sidelined by gigantic Fjords with luscious greenland spiking the surface, roaring waterfalls and picturesque bays, Norway has some of the finest landscapes in the Arctic Region.

Atlanterhavsveien is situated in the Western fjords of Norway and samples a fine selection of photographic excellence while granting all your wishes. If you fancy venturing that little bit further from the Atlantic Ocean Road or taking an extended trip on your way here, you can include the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the Geirangerfjord to your itinerary.

Did you know that the Atlantic Ocean Road is not the only road labelled a National Tourist Route? The Trollstigen route is also titled the same.

A dreamlike scenic drive and a Booknordics.com ultimate favourite, we recommend you take the route between Geiranger via the serpentine mountain road of Trollstigen and on to the Atlantic Ocean Road to experience elements crowned as royal among travellers.


Cruising Beyond the Atlantic Ocean Road


Cruise through the scenic islands dotted by the Atlantic Ocean Road

Fancy seeing the Atlantic Ocean Road from a different perspective? As previously mentioned, Hurtigruten provides extraordinary experiences on their itineraries through the spectacular Norwegian Fjords.

Options include disembarking Hurtigruten in Kristiansund and embarking again in the city of Roses, Molde on their multi-day journeys that grasp the very essence of the Arctic regions.

Sail in style through the breathtaking Fjords and experience nature as it was, and still is, whilst experimenting with the delicious locally sourced food served onboard. Clear glass windows that offer immense views will be sure to compliment your meal.

Imagine resting on the ocean top as the Northern Lights roam the winter in their dominant form. A priceless attribute to a fantastic Norwegian itinerary.


An Adventurous Itinerary

Now that you have learned all there is to know about the fantastic Atlantic Ocean Road, let us help you plan and prepare your incredible journey and fill your itinerary with outstanding tours.

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Happy Arctic travels!

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