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Top 7 Spring Adventures in the Nordics this 2023

14. February 2022, 11 min reading time

Venturing on a spring holiday in the Nordics is the ideal getaway for the curious traveler as the days become longer and brighter and the weather slightly warmer.

Check out our top adventures to experience the Nordic Spring this 2023 and be filled with an abundance of spectacular activities in Norway, Iceland, Finland, and Sweden.

Spring Holidays in the Nordics

Nordic Spring Blog

Enjoy the Nordic scenery during the springtime.

One thing we love about spring is witnessing the most extraordinary landscapes. Prepare to see the melting snow creating natural waterfalls everywhere, together with the blooming flowers and the first sights of the returning wildlife. This season can be quite remarkable.

During March, April, and May, you can expect a comfortable temperature ranging from 4°C to 10°C during the day that decreases towards the later evening. In other words, the daytime sun comes hand in hand with the chilly nighttime winds. 

Fjord Scenery

The fjords are distinctively known for being one of Norway’s greatest features. Later in May, fruit trees bloom by the fjords and the Norway climate in the mountains creates the perfect temperatures for growing apples and cherries.

Top Tip: If you head to the Sognefjord area, you can sample last year’s blossoming of Norway's famous tasty Eplemost (pure apple juice) and homemade cider from the locals.

Cruise Norway's Alta Fjord

Fjord_Alta (1)

Cruise the Alta Fjord on your Norwegian itinerary

Escape the mainland and head out onto the breathtaking Alta Fjord for a splendid evening cruise.

Enjoy food and drinks while witnessing the low mountains and rugged coastlines that are dotted with typical local Norwegian towns as you sit back and relax watching the golden sunset out on the horizon.

A splendid 4-6 hour tour, designed to leave you speechless.
Book Evening Cruise on the Alta Fjord

Ride the Flåm Railway and visit Norway's Sognefjorden

Sognefjord_Boat_Guided Fjord Tours

Enjoy water activities in Norway

Travel from Bergen to Flåm and discover Norway’s authentic mountains, towering waterfalls, and deep fjords along the way.

Venture to the famous Myrdalsberget area and bike down through 21 hairpin bends towards the Flåm river before embarking on an exhilarating RIB Safari on the Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord, spotting the diverse wildlife that nestles there. Finish your day capturing the most stunning scenery on the world-famous Flåm Railway. Book Sognefjorden and Flåm Railway and RIB Fjord Safari


Spring Wildlife

When the warmer climates start to unfold, the charismatic birds known as the Arctic Puffins begin to return to their nesting grounds and get comfortable for the summer. The areas have been quiet after their previous migration so a visit in Spring will grant you a great chance to experience their exciting arrival.

Spot the arrival of the Icelandic Puffins

Whales and Puffins_North Sailing

See these charismatic Puffins up close

The entertaining puffins arriving on the Icelandic shores at the beginning of spring every year make up 60% of their entire population. Board a ship in northern Iceland and cruise around Puffin Island, the home of thousands of puffins.

On the way back, visit the natural habitat and home of the maritime wildlife found in the waters. Keep your eyes peeled for minke whales, humpback whales, white-beaked dolphins, and harbor porpoises.Book Whales and Puffins


Experience a lakeside Sauna - Finnish style

Lakeside Midnight Sauna_Nordic Unique Travels

Experience a truly authentic sauna retreat

Can you think of a more authentic Finnish experience than sitting back in the lakeside wooden sauna and engulfing yourself in the warming steam? A Finnish sauna experience is not complete without a jump into the cold waters of the Arctic lake, and that's why this experience is perfect for you who want to see the end of spring properly.

Make sure you enjoy the use of the "vita" (a birch whisk used to massage), taste the traditional reindeer sausages around the open fire, and sip the local blueberry tea for a complete experience.Book Lakeside Midnight Sun & Sauna


Glaciers and Waterfalls

Spring can be the ultimate time to see the once-flowing waterfalls come back to life and the last of the frozen masterpieces that nature has created. While the magical glaciers start their natural reshaping when the warmer climates arrive, from our point of view, seeing the sun's rays bounce off the frozen blue ice and create rainbows of color is like nothing you will have seen before.

Hike Iceland's Solheimajokull Glacier

Solheimajokull Glacier Hike_Troll Expeditions

Feel on top of the world at the top of a glacier

How does it sound to hike one of the biggest glaciers in Europe?

Sólheimajökull is a part of Mýrdalsjökull in which the ice cap sits on top of the mighty Katla volcano, one of the largest and most active volcanoes in Iceland. Grabe the chance to experience Icelandic nature like never before and release your hidden adrenaline.Book Sólheimajökull Glacier Hike


Visit the Frozen Waterfalls of Finland's Korouoma

Frozen Waterfalls_Arctic Circle Snowmobile Park

Witness the stunning frozen Arctic waterfalls

The Finnish Korouoma canyon is an ancient fracture valley in Lapland and one of the country's most scenic nature reserves.

Featuring endless forest landscapes and an abundance of wildlife such as deer, wild rabbits, foxes, and golden eagles, there is plenty to spot along your walk. Not to mention, the main highlight - is the uniquely transformed frozen Koruoma Waterfalls that entice travelers each year. Book The Frozen Waterfalls of Korouoma


Water Activities

The Nordics' scenery is endless and the choices are phenomenal. So, why not try kayaking? 

Kayak Sweden's scenic Stockholm archipelago

Sweden Kayak

View the stunning waters of the Nordic region

Start your spring adventure by experiencing a 1-day kayaking tour among the islands and islets of the scenic Stockholm archipelago with your friends and witness the stunning nature and rugged land once used during the Viking age.

With the sun on your back, wind in your hair, and the simple silence of the calm waters, can you think of a better environment for your active activity?Book a Kayaking Escape


Book with Confidence

At Booknordics.com, we want you to experience the very best of the Nordics during the spring with ease. Therefore, if you have any questions or you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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