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Your Christmas Guide to Lapland Holidays in Rovaniemi

14. September 2021, 12 min reading time

Rovaniemi, Lapland is a magical destination filled with Christmas cheer and surrounded by glistening tundra and wild expanse. Situated on the Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi is the picture-perfect winter destination for your Lapland holidays.

Whether you are planning a one day adventure or a multi-day vacation, Rovaniemi provides opportunities to get up close and personal with the wildlife, embark on a family-friendly adventure and choose from an abundance of activities. Get ready to explore the unspoiled and mythical wilderness surroundings, what more could you want to do during your Lapland holiday?

As one of Booknordics.com’s favourite destinations and favourite times of the year, we are delighted to share with you the endless possibilities awaiting your arrival.


Where is Lapland?


Find Lapland covered in snow and decorated in festive cheer at Christmas

Lapland is situated in Scandinavia and is most popularly known as the northern area of Finland. However, this stunning region also represents the northern part of Sweden, Norway and even a slice of Russia. 

Rovaniemi is a northern urban city in Finland, surrounded by arctic nature in all directions and holds the crown as the capital of Lapland. It sits perfectly above and along the Arctic Circle and offers an abundance of activities and wonderland landscapes within walking distance, waiting to be discovered.

The Finnish Lapland territory stretches across the whole country and is so big, the countries Belgium, Holland and Switzerland could all neatly fit inside. And, what we find fascinating is that through the whole of the Lapland region, there is roughly the same amount of Reindeer as there are people.


Winter wonderland weather at Christmas


Get ready for white-caped tundra in all directions and snow crunching bliss

During the wintertime, Finnish Lapland is a perfect destination for those dreaming of a winter wonderland. Temperatures average around -16°C to -3°C between December and February and frosted air bubbles are seen around the local’s lips holding warmed drinks between heavily gloved hands.

As early as August invites the first snowfall which deepens come the month of October. The terrains are decorated with a white blanket and frosted glow for as long as into early May, gifting over 6 months of the land laid with snow. 

Due to the length of snowy landscapes, the Finns describe their seasons quite differently than the norm. During winter there are potentially three types of seasons; early winter, deep winter (Christmas) and late winter - all equally as breathtaking as the other.

With daylight hours at their lowest in December and the shortest day of the year usually falling around Christmastime, the region is blessed with Polar Nights (‘kaamos’ in Finnish). A shimmering twilight creates an illuming atmosphere from the reflection of the moonlight and the occasional visit from the Northern Lights bouncing off the snow-covered terrain.

A scenery worth seeing and one not replicated anywhere else in the world.


A Lapland Christmas with Santa Claus


The big red man is waiting for your Christmas wishlist!

In the city of Rovaniemi, you can meet the real Mr Santa Claus. That’s right! This is the official home of the festive man himself, his hard-working elves, his lovable reindeer and his magical workshop. 

In fact, although Santa works his way around the world on one particular day each year, you can visit Santa’s office every day of the year and revel in the enchanted atmosphere. 

During Christmastime, the experience is even more outstanding. Lights are twinkling, carols are playing, elves are energetic and children are cheerful. Both children and adults can find the jolly man sitting cosily inside his office, listening to children read through their wishlists and singing a carol or two.


Wrap presents at Santa's Workshop for your loved ones back home

Rejoice in the Christmas festivity. Why not shop in Santa’s Village Workshop or visit the Elf School to learn more about Christmas tradition and take part in the mischievous games they like to play? 

If you cannot make it this year, do not worry. In the Official hometown of Santa Claus, they have inserted a digital webcam that enables you to log in and witness the magic from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world. 

Did you know Santa Claus’s post office has received letters from 199 countries and he receives hundreds of thousands every year? Are you sending yours this Christmas?


Enjoy Christmas on your Lapland holiday

Chase the Northern Lights


Aurora Borealis can be more easily seen when the sky is clear, the weather is fine and the views unrestricted

There is another type of charm that circles Lapland and this is the mystical Northern Lights. Combined with the Christmas spirit, Lapland becomes a true winter wonderland destination.

As a result of charged particles from the sun interacting with our earth’s atmosphere and pulling towards our northern and southern poles; Aurora Borealis is seen predominately from anywhere within the Arctic Circle. Rovaniemi is situated perfectly along this line and sightings of the Northern Lights can be seen shining brightly overhead during the wintertime. 

Check out our Chasing the Northern Lights in Finland and join one of Booknordics.com's guided adventures. Step away from the city lights and into the unknown for crystal clear skies and unrestricted views which create better chances at catching the celestial display in action.

Northern Lights Adventures

Explore with one of our Lapland activities


Meet the Reindeer of Lapland on a safari through the forests

One thing for sure is, when you’re in Rovaniemi - you need to see the sights. Explore the city and breathtaking surrounding areas by the exemplary choice of Nordic adventures that are on offer. 

Visit Santa’s reindeer and enjoy a relaxing sleigh ride in the snow or discover the husky farm and make new adorable friends, a perfect activity for the whole family to enjoy.

Explore the Lappish forests on a thrilling snowmobile excursion; take to snowshoeing through Lappish tundra and mountains; zoom into the wilderness on a fantastic biking tour or pick up your skis and fly down the mountains whilst breathing in the freshest air there is.

Try your luck at ice fishing in the frozen lakes or indulge in ice floating before relaxing like the locals with a traditional sauna experience to warm up your senses.

Whichever fantastic adventure you choose, be sure to dress up warm and take your camera, you will not want to miss a single moment. Check out our 20+ Adventures Not to Miss When in Rovaniemi, Lapland for more inspiration.

Lapland Activities

Cross the Arctic Circle with your loved ones

The Arctic Circle is a circle of latitude that runs 66°33′45.9″ north of the Equator. In Rovaniemi, the Arctic Circle runs through Santa Claus Village and is one of Lapland’s points of interest most wanted by many visitors. 

Embrace the Arctic spirit, hold hands with your loved ones and jump simultaneously across the Arctic Circle, claiming your certificate for doing so. A treasured memory to take home from a fantastic Lapland holiday.

Visit the enchanting Rovaniemi Christmas market


Enjoy hot glögi at the Christmas market

There is no question that the Finns love to celebrate the holiday season. Laughter, love and Christmas cheer fill the streets and their annual Christmas markets bustle with intensity.

Vibrantly lit at nighttime and offering an abundance of unique and traditional gifts, locally prepared delicious food and hot glögi (Finnish mulled wine), it is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the cheerful atmosphere and take the chill out of the air at the same time.

Book unique overnight stays in Rovaniemi


Find overnight accommodation to suit your needs and tickle your senses

Rovaniemi allows you quick access to untouched nature during the day while offering a relaxing evening of Arctic-inspired Nordic dining, authentic Finnish sauna treatments and unique overnight stays to complete your wintery break.

From glass igloos, aurora domes, snow hotels, lighthouses, tree tents, woodland villas and Northern Lights cabins with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows, Finland has it all.

Santa Claus Holiday Village also offers overnight stays along with his very own Santa Igloos, adding that final mystical touch to your Christmas vacation.

Lapland Accomodation


Unforgettable experiences

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? One that you’ll remember forever and everyone will want to hear your exciting stories? Your Lapland holiday vacation awaits!

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