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Where to Zipline in Norway, Iceland, and Finland

30. June 2022, 6 min reading time

Ziplining is the ultimate way to enjoy the Nordic's stunning natural scenery. Feel the blissful adrenaline rush as you soar through the midsummer skies, skimming over the most breathtaking Nordic landscapes. 

Dare to Fly


Ziplining is a must-try for the brave hearts, the daredevils, or those looking for unique excitement. As important as before flying into the air at lightning speeds, preparation is key to maximizing the experience and staying safe. see tips from the experts below:

Be prepared:

  1. Wear close-toed shoes 
  2. Wear comfortable clothing 
  3. Empty your pockets
  4. Listen to your guide
  5. Wear sunscreen and bug repellant
  6. Wear all safety equipment
  7. Avoid taking selfies
  8. Never jump off the platform until you are instructed to do so
  9. Wait until other zipline users are cleared
  10. Have fun

Top Zipline Tours in Scandinavia 

1. Mosjøen Zipline in Norway

mosjoen via ferrata resized


The best zipline in all of Northern Norway is located in Storfjellet, next to Øyfjellet, a short distance from the heart of Nordland County.

Take off from a platform 70 meters above Storfjellet, fly over the Vefsna river, and land safely on the lovely grounds of Fru Haugan's Hotel, the oldest hotel in Northern Norway, for a bird's-eye view of the historic Sjgata Street and the town's surroundings.Book Norway Zipline 

2. Zipline Vik in South Iceland

zipline vik resized


Those seeking a thrilling experience in a relatively risk-free setting would immensely enjoy a zipline trip.

The zipline tour is nestled among the picturesque hills and valleys of South Iceland, just outside the quaint fishing community of Vik. This trip has four separate ziplines, ranging in length from 120 to 240 to 30 to 140 meters. While flying down the zipline, you'll have a magnificent view of the beautiful landscape under you.

Book Iceland Zipline

3. Kuusaa River Crossing Zipline in Finland 

kuusaa resized


Crossing the Kuusaa River in Lakeland may be exciting on its own. Still, adding the possibility of ziplining and cable walking makes the experience much more thrilling. Take in the sights of a rushing river below you as you float.

Book Finland Zipline



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