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Summer Activities for the Perfect Midnight Sun Adventure

17. February 2022, 15 min reading time

After a snow-white winter, the Midnight Sun brings a vibrant energy to the Nordics. The land, nature and roaming wildlife replenish their energy levels and present an abundance of activity and unbelievable colours throughout the landscapes.

Travellers arrive from far and wide and the locals embrace the summer by heading out on an action-packed Midnight Sun adventure to enjoy the reddish sunsets and equally exceptional sunrises.

Why not join them? Bask in the peacefulness while you canoe through the open lakes of Finland, watch the sunrise paint an electric backdrop from the Norwegian mountains, or watch the sun’s reflection from the roaring waterfalls in Iceland.

Check out our collection of Midnight Sun adventures in the Nordics, guaranteeing you a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


What is the Midnight Sun?


Set up camp to see the Midnight Sun with your friends

Our planet Earth rotates on its axis at an angle of 23.4 degrees and as every 24 hours passes by, it rotates a full circle. Over the course of a year, the Earth has simultaneously completed a full cycle around the Sun.

Throughout the year, parts of the Earth have been closer to the sun at different times, and vice versa. Hence the diverse seasons, climates, and weather patterns that are seen across the world during those 12 months.

It is this natural movement and the geographical positioning of the Nordics that invites the Midnight Sun to drape a golden cape over the lands throughout their summer months.


Where can I experience the Midnight Sun?


Enjoy breathtaking images of the Midnight Sun throughout the Nordics

Above the Arctic Circle, the northern parts of the Nordic regions are at a locational advantage to witness the Midnight Sun for a longer period of time than those south of the Arctic Circle. 

Presenting otherworldly landscapes during incredible adventures to their authentic lands; Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, and Greenland fall into this category. Imagine the sun does not set during the day's 24 hours and the adventures that are available to experience this natural phenomenon is directly at your fingertips. Are you ready for awe-inspiring adventures?

Did you know that northern Norway is known as the 'Land of the Midnight Sun’? Cape Nordkinn at the brink of Norway’s northern mainland is the northernmost region of Europe and you can expect to experience glowing sunlight throughout the month of May until the end of July, beginning of August.

Note that the longest day of the year, June 21st, is known as the Summer Solstice. On this day the Midnight Sun is visible a little south of the Arctic Circle and up to the North Pole, and the locals and tourists enjoy vibrant scenery and festivities in celebration.

To find out in-depth proximity to when the phenomena may occur in the northern regions, check out our Land of the Midnight Sun blog.Book Your Midnight Sun Adventure


Choose from Unique Nordic Adventures

Ride an ATV to Higher Places in Norway

ATV And GLacier Walk

Embark on a memorable ATV adventure in Norway

Are you looking for your next thrilling adventure? ATVs may just be the answer.

Every year, tens of thousands of people go to see the northern lights in winter and the midnight sun in summer at the North Cape, a world-famous landmark in Norway. And in case you're seeking an alternative method to see the island, here is your chance. From the heart of Honningsvåg, through the mountain plateau, and all the way to the mountaintop, ATVs surely will upgrade your Nordic summer adventure.

Imagine standing on the North Cape cliff and watching the setting sun kiss the horizon...what a beautiful experience it will be for you, your friends, and your family. So, don't hesitate to ride an ATV over the island to see Arctic landscapes in a way you've never experienced before.

Book Your ATV Adventure in Norway

Capture the Waters Reflection in Finland


Take advantage of the longer days and enjoy an activity at midnight

Finland, the ‘Land of a Thousand Lakes’ has 188,000 open water lakes dotted across the land. A significant number are located in the stunning Lapland region, adding natural beauty to its Arctic wilderness. 

Lapland during the summer presents untouched landscapes highlighted by the natural phenomenon, the Midnight Sun, and you’re invited to witness this first-hand.

You will be taught the basic techniques by a qualified canoe guide and provided with all the safety instructions needed to enjoy a peaceful activity out on the water. 

Glide silently through the Lappish wilderness with the beams from Finland's Midnight Sun lighting your way. Once back ashore, enjoy an open fire and typical Finnish snacks to finish an amazing night.Book Canoeing Under the Midnight Sun

Join the Maritime Wildlife in Iceland


Witness the playfulness of the Maritime wildlife

Did you know that Húsavík, northern Iceland's most famous town has the nickname ‘The Whale Capital of Europe’? That’s right! This stunning area where the whales never sleep is bursting with playful maritime wildlife like no other.

During a summer in Iceland, you can board a fast RIB boat in Skjálfandi Bay and witness the Icelandic Midnight Sun bounce off the calm waters and entice the whales to make an appearance. 

This is by far one of our favourite itineraries as it is focused on small group tours of up to 12 people, guaranteeing an equal spot for the best view on board.Book Midnight Sun Whale Watching


Relax on the Arctic Waters in Norway


On the world’s most beautiful night tour, you will be provided with everything you need for an exhilarating Midnight Sun evening. 

With an experienced captain and guide, you will be taken out onto the breathtaking Alta Fjord and served snacks and beverages while you witness the golden backdrop paint the landscapes from the beams of Norway's Midnight Sun.

Sample a Norwegian summer with the mountains and rugged coastlines as you sit back and relax on the open waters under the guidance of the captain and the mesmerizing sunset overlapping the horizon.Book Evening Cruise on the Alta Fjord

Dare to Experience Ziplining in Norway

mosjoen via ferrata

Mosjøen Zipline Experience

Hit two birds with one stone by ziplining and witnessing the Midnight Sun in Norway. Seeing Norway's magnificent scenery from a different perspective is truly remarkable.

The flight begins 70 meters above the ground. Soar above the Vefsna river and the town's historic Sjgata Street before effortlessly landing in the grounds of the Fru Haugans Hotel, the oldest hotel in Northern Norway.

You have to remember, YOLO. You. Only. Live. Once. If we are to create memories, create a lifetime of memories with ziplning. Whether you go on this journey alone or with loved ones, it will be an experience you will never forget.

Book Mosjøen Zipline


Food for Thought


Capture the perfect photo of the Midnight Sun over the horizon

The Midnight Sun is a natural masterpiece visible for almost 24 hours a day during a summer in the Nordics. Our advice is to enjoy every single moment you can!

Venture out in the early hours of the morning for the first sample of the pink sunrise and stay out late for the red evening glows. Eat lunch at a later time to avoid the crowds at the top of the mountain peak and be active during the evening dinner times to enjoy the peacefulness of the wilderness.

Pack light comfortable clothes, sturdy walking shoes and plenty of water and snacks for your Midnight Sun adventure. Sunglasses, a hat and suncream would also be beneficial.

Your camera plays an important part in your itinerary, you do not want to miss the opportunistic moment of capturing the intense, magical colours of the sunbeams bouncing off the authentic Nordic scenery. You really are in for a treat this summer.


Book Your Midnight Adventure

Inspired by the unique adventures to be had in the Nordics? Book your Midnight Sun adventure today!

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